What to do with leftover Champagne and Sparkling Wine

8th January 2016

leftover Champagne and Sparkling Wine

We know having bubbly leftover is unlikely, but if you accidentally opened too many bottles at a party and find yourself with some leftover, keep it! Even if it’s started to go flat, it can still be useful. Here’s a few things you can do:

Use as a Beauty Treatment
Applied to the skin and hair, sparkling wine can actually help improve their health and appearance! Find out how to do it here.


Make a dessert
Adding Champagne or sparkling wine can give an extra touch of sparkle to dessert. See some simple recipe ideas here.

Cook with it
Champagne and sparkling wine can bring a wonderful, delicate flavour to a dish. There are plenty great recipes and interesting ideas on how you can add sparkling wine to food. For example, you can create beautiful sauces and risottos or pour some over your chicken before roasting – see more here.

Make Champagne Vinegar
Great if you have flat sparkling wine – simply pour the wine into a mason jar and cover with a few layers of cheesecloth, then store in a cool, dark place for 6 months. When you’ve tasted it’s ready, add a jar lid and voila!


Make Cocktails & Ice Cubes
If it still has some bubbles, you can create some great and simple cocktails such as a Mimosa. You can also freeze it to make more interesting ice cubes to add to your cocktails.

Make Cleaning Spray
If left for a few weeks, sparkling wine can actually be used as a disinfectant! A lower quality bubbly will work for this. Store it in a bottle and use as a spray.

Shine Shoes
If you have some seriously special shoes, you can treat them to a little Champagne. Apparently, bubbly works wonders on leather, bringing out the natural shine when used as a polish.

Glass of Bubbly

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