Where to Buy Welsh Sparkling Wine

14th June 2016

Where to Buy Welsh Sparkling Wine

Even though English sparkling wine might have the limelight, don’t forget that Wales is also producing world class bubbly. As demand goes up, more vineyards are being planted on the beautiful Welsh landscape. Here’s a few great Welsh sparkling wines you can buy in the UK:glyndwyr-sparkling-rose-brutGlyndwr Sparkling Rosé Brut – Waitrose, £14.99

Glyndwr Sparkling Brut – Dylan’s Wine, £24.99

Ancre Hill Estates Sparkling White Blanc De Noirs 2010Fine Wines Direct, £29.99

Ancre Hill Estates Sparkling Rosé 2010 Wales Fine Wines Direct, £32.99

Whitecastle Sparkling Rosé 2012 brut Whitecastle, £23

Penarth BrutPenarth Wines, £20

You can also order from the websites of Welsh sparkling wine houses. Many of the wineries are also open to guests – see some of the vineyards you can visit in Wales here.


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