Where’s the most memorable place you’ve enjoyed a Glass of Bubbly?

10th December 2015

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve enjoyed a Glass of Bubbly?

We asked industry experts and famous bubbly-lovers what their most most memorable moment was while enjoying a glass of sparkling wine. Here’s some of the answers we received:

Neil Phillips  Champagne Expert
“At Maison Belle Epoque with Chef de Cave Hervé Deschamps tasting Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs 2002 for the first time before a memorable lunch.”

Jilly Goolden – Wine Expert
“In the Krug cellars, at the start of my wine career, tasting one of their last bottles of the 1928 vintage. Amazing story, amazing wine!”

Nico Santucci – Restaurateur, designer and entrepreneur
“There are lots of very unique places and people I associate with Champagne…The most recent one was when I purchased my 100 foot WW2 motoryacht, while watching the sun go down….. It was magnificent and my mind ran wild envisioning the helipad I would construct, along with the unique design concept I had in mind….”

Nico Santucci with Armand de Brignac

Nico Santucci with Armand de Brignac

Oz Clarkle – Wine Expert
“With a girlfriend.”

Mark Baumann – Master Chef
“Hanging fine art in my brasserie and drinking too much with the late Peter Langan.”

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