Why is Wine called a Divine Drink?

27th September 2017


During hundreds of centuries, there was no doubt about the divine origin of the wine. It was believed that in most of the cultures, gods were those who considered wine as a medicine from melancholy and boredom, kind of source of inspiration with the help of which you are able to write a birdie essay.

In ancient times, the wine was considered as the gods’ donation. Later on, the wine was thought to be an incarnation of vital strengths.

Primitive prehistoric men noticed, that any sweet grape juice of fruits or berries kept in reserve, changes its taste and is able to make a man happy, brings him joy and pleasure, enriches his strength and brings slight dizziness.

During many centuries, ancient people had no idea why any drink with a sweet taste turns into wine, which makes people drunk. At that times, the humanity knew nothing about wine fermentation and people believed that unfermented grape juice turns into alcohol after the special spirit settles in it.

Wine and Gods
It remains a mystery what nationality is thought to be an inventor of sacramental wine. Each country and even nationalities from the most distant parts of the Earth learned to produce strong drinks. Each civilization has its own God of Wine, who held top positions in the divine pantheon.

Dionysus is the most famous patron of viticulture, wine culture and a god of fun and divine drink. Ancient Greeks honored Dionysus as well as Apollo, who was the God of Sunlight and a patron of arts.

In ancient Scandinavian legends, cruel wars were conducted in order to obtain the divine drink.

Residents of the American continent had the gods who were responsible for producing of heady drinks.

In Chinese mythology you can easily find these words as advice: “if you wish to forget about your own poverty, then sell out everything, buy some wine on earned money and drink it. If you want to get rich, then take a loan and open a wine shop. In Chinese culture, the patron of wine producing Sima Xiangru helps those who dream about the wealth.

Some interesting facts about the wine

Why did ancient Greeks dilute the wine with water?
We know plenty of interesting and exciting facts about Ancient Greece, however, Greek wine remains a real mystery for scientists and scholars till now. The presence of alcohol in a wine of that period might not surpass 14%, as alcohol producing stops after the reaching of this very concentration.

As a matter of fact, the Greeks always diluted the wine with water in order to enjoy the drink. According to the hypothesis of most scientists, wine was a liqueur made of different plants which were way too alcoholic and toxic than most of modern wines. There is a slight probability that some Greek liqueurs consisted of opiate and sedative supplements.

Any folk, which learned how to produce wine, supposed the wine as a drink of the divine origin. However, there were different taboos and legends about wine in the bible, which affected the traditions of a correct usage of alcoholic drinks.

Ancient Roman legend says: “People, who tried a drop of strongest wine, would feel easiness like eagles do. Those, who keep drinking wine, can find courage like a lion does.”

The edge between enjoyment of the divine drink and alcohol misuse is very fragile. That is why it is essential to develop the sense of harmony.

As the times went by, the belief about divine origin of wine was disapproved and in the 8th century, alchemists found out how to get the dizzy substance out of wine. This substance was called an alcohol, but the reasons why and the ways how this alcohol appears in fruit juice remained unknown for humankind for a long time.

Wine is a divine drink and it is possible to speak about it endlessly. It reflects the traditions and beliefs of the whole country, its creativity and cultural reserve. Each separate sort of wine is a distinctive history written by a folk during many centuries. Among the wide variety of wine tastes, you will choose the one you love with all your heart.

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