7 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beverages

11th October 2022

Cuba Libre Cocktail

Australia’s stores are being overtaken by non-alcoholic alternatives. There are now plenty of non-alcoholic sparkling wines that you can try. People are drinking less alcohol, which has led to some amazing alcohol-free alternatives hitting the market—whether you want to learn more about the sober-curious movement, want to change your lifestyle for the better, or are just curious about non-alcoholic beverages in Australia.

Recent changes in the way we approach the development of alcohol substitutes have seen this shift. There are many reasons why alcohol-free beverages ought to be a part of your life, and today we’ll present our top seven justifications for why it’s worthwhile to try alcohol-free drinks.

Perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding

It is well known that excessive alcohol drinking while nursing or alcohol consumption throughout pregnancy can harm a baby’s development and stunt its ability to think clearly. Well, thanks to non-alcoholic drinks, pregnant women and nursing moms can still party and enjoy a stylish non-alcoholic drink without having to worry about the effects of alcoholic beverages on growing minds.

Alcohol consumption limits provide several societal and cultural benefits in addition to health benefits. You may want to consider keeping alcohol-free drinks on hand to serve visitors or loved ones who may be trying to cut back on their alcohol consumption.

It’s perfect if you are into sports

Since it is harmful, alcohol consumption can be a concern when you are dedicated to your training. You can still enjoy drinking if you want to abstain from alcohol. After working out, you could even enjoy a non-alcoholic beer.

They are high in antioxidants

You’ve probably heard that wine is among the alcoholic beverages that have the most antioxidants because it is made from fruit. According to the Mayo Clinic, the polyphenol antioxidants in red wine can help keep the heart healthy and prevent heart disease.

Fortunately, a number of those healthy components are still present in the majority of alcohol-free wine options since they are still made from the same grape mixtures as “genuine” wine or from the same grapes.

Mood boosters

Drinking a tasty, shame-free beverage is without a doubt a fantastic way to lift your spirits, but the science is far more complex than that. When you drink alcohol, the chemical balance in your brain is thrown off, causing serotonin and dopamine levels to rise and then drop in a painful way.
For this reason, we get the feared “hangxiety” and sadness that come after a night of binge drinking. This mechanism is changed so much by alcohol that it may even make antidepressants less effective.

Enhances better skin health

American Academy of Dermatology research shows that alcohol has a big effect on the health of the skin. When our bodies break down alcohol, they also make a harmful byproduct that dries out the skin and other body tissues. This results in pore enlargement, body tissue inflammation, early aging of the skin, and flaws.

When all of these effects are taken into account, it’s clear that drinking less alcohol will make your skin more hydrated and healthier. According to EatingWell, alcohol is a diuretic. When antidiuretic hormones (ADH) are low, the body holds less water. When you stop drinking, your ADH levels will go up, making it easier to rehydrate and giving your skin a better chance to heal.

Gentle on your vital organs

The heart, pancreas, liver, and brain are just a few of the body’s most vital organs that are significantly impacted by heavy drinking. A lifetime of illnesses, including pancreatitis, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiomyopathy, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis, can be brought on by excessive alcohol consumption. On the contrary, non-alcoholic beverages help you stay hydrated and could even include minerals and vitamins that your body may need.

Enhances better sleep

Contrary to what most people think, drinking alcohol doesn’t always help you sleep or make it easier to fall asleep. Alcohol can have a detrimental effect on the central nervous system and lower the quantity of REM sleep one gets, which lowers the quality of sleep one gets in general.

Additionally, studies have shown a link between consuming alcohol and having sleep difficulties. Taking all of this into account, it’s clear that cutting down on or quitting drinking will improve both how much and how well you sleep. You can still partake in the excitement, have a glass of wine without alcohol, and yet get a restful night’s sleep.

Overall, there are several benefits to including alcohol-free drinks in your lifestyle. The recent exponential growth of the non-alcoholic industry shows how more and more customers are becoming aware of the benefits of considering these other options. It boils down to the growing desire for a healthy lifestyle and the need to feel connected to religion, culture, and society without completely giving up drinking.

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