Kirill Burlutskiy

Sparkling Wine of Armenia: From Classics to PetNat

By Kirill Burlutskiy / 24th January 2024

Sparkling wine in today’s Armenia undoubtedly started to be produced as part of a trend that used to be called the ‘Armenian wine boom’ and was launched around the year 2005. Its essence lies in the sharp development of the industry: earlier, during the Soviet period, Armenia was defined as a republic producing brandy of…

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Sparkling wines of Israel

By Kirill Burlutskiy / 5th January 2024

Conversing about sparkling wine production should be in the context of general specifics of Israeli winemaking, which, in turn, is a reflection of the general character of the country, its advantages and limitations. Sometimes contradictory pairs are formed, such as a combination of well-known Israeli pragmatism with the imagination inherent in Israelis, which is quite…

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Fergana Wineregion

Sparkling Wines from Uzbekistan

By Kirill Burlutskiy / 28th April 2023

Village of Champagne. Background history. Not far from Tashkent (less than an hour by car) there is a small village with a strange name for those places. It is called Champagne. Similar names on the territory of the former USSR (For example, the village of Fershampenoise in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia or New York…

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