P. Louis Martin Champagne House

23rd March 2014

P. Louis Martin Champagne House

The P. Louis Martin Champagne House was founded in 1864 in Bouzy by Louis Martin.


Louis Martin actively participated in founding the Bouzy Cooperative and was elected its founding President. Thus he started out in wine making in 1929. His son Paul actively helped him in particular in extending the chalky cellars in order to obtain the best conditions for ageing the wine.


Bouzy is one of the 17 Champagne villages that is classed as Grand Cru. Bouzy has an exclusive vineyard: facing due south, on chalky soil. It has a remarkable micro-climate: protected from the north winds by Montagne de Reims. Louis Martin’s Pinot Noir vineyards still form the majority of all the wine blends and have an average age of 20 years.

Nowadays, his daughter Francine, aided by her son Vincent, has taken over and they remain fervent about the quality of their Champagne. Thus, the wines produced by this estate have retained their character as developed by the hand of the Master who first produced them, having great success globally and winning many awards.


Not only is P. Louis Martin Champagne family owned and run, it also owns all its own vineyards. The family home, winery and its deep natural cellars are surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyards where the grapes for the wines are grown. No grapes are bought in, allowing complete control over the quality of fruit and Champagne.

Written by Effrosyni Tsournava


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