Schlumberger and Bean Salad

14th September 2021

Schlumberger Bean Salad

One early morning Schlumberger awoke to some bad news, Mother Dame Durden was running low on coins, soon she would be unable to support herself and her dearest Schlumberger, so under strict instruction, Schlumberger was told to take their dear companion Milky-White the cow down to the market and sell her for some coins.

Upon Schlumberger and Milky-White’s journey to the market, they ran into an old bean seller, he claimed to have a wonderful array of magic beans, from red kidney beans to green beans, all promised to deliver a wonderful expression of flavours, he told Schlumberger, “If you wish to enjoy these magic beans and bring food home to the dinner plate for your dear mother, then all I ask in return is that cow of yours” Schlumberger was hesitant at first, but upon reflection of only wanting to bring food home, the offer was accepted.

Schlumberger and the Bean Salad

Notably, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Jack and the Beanstalk and probably won’t sell as many copies, but Schlumberger has something better to offer, an array of finely crafted Sparkling Wines from Austria, we’ve had some fun with Schlumberger’s Sparkling Wines, crafting some delicious Cocktails, from a Cheesecake Cocktail, a Grinch themed Christmas Cocktail to a Strawberry Rosé Cocktail, so if you want to explore Schlumberger’s Range of Sparkling Wines then we have a lot of fun and engaging ways to help.

We put together a brief history of Schlumberger and while delving into their history I was fascinated to find out that they used to be called Champagne, although they were Austrian, this is something that would be impossible today, you can check it out here if you’re interested in learning more: Schlumberger was once known as an Austrian Champagne?

Schlumberger – Sparkling Brut Klassik – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Green fruits and citrus aromas.”

Flavour 👅 “Green fruits, minerals and citrus flavours.”

This Austrian Sparkling Wine Won a Bronze Medal in the Light & Fruity Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2020.

The Bean Salad

For this magical bean salad, the only ingredients you’ll need are Red Kidney Beans, Green Beans, Butter Beans, Black Eyed Beans, Borlotti Beans, Haricot Beans, Sweetcorn, Chickpeas and Red/Yellow/Green Peppers, if you want you can also add in some Vinaigrette Dressing. That is indeed a lot of beans, maybe the trade was worth it?

Just mix them all together in a bowl, then serve on a plate or in bowls and make sure to pour yourself a glass of Schlumberger’s Brut Klassik so you can create your own pairing notes.

Pairing Notes – “It gives a good silky savoury flavour with a refreshing citrus burst from the Sparkling Wine a very clean and fresh pairing.”

Oliver Walkey

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