What Food To Pair With Champagne?

The wonderful world of food pairings is vast, with countless combinations, from the various different dishes with thousands of different bottles of Champagne. Let’s break down the way to pair Champagne and Food in a simple and easy-to-understand way, which you’ll be able to refer to later when finding your perfect pairing. Champagne Let’s quickly…

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What is Blanc de Noirs?

Quite simply, it means the white from blacks as translated to English from how it is written (in French) and this is in reference to grape juice, ie the white juice that is extracted from black grapes. In many wines within the sparkling sector, even though the colour will be clear, part or if not…

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What is Blanc de Meunier Champagne?

What is Blanc de Meunier Champagne

Many of us will be familiar with Blanc de Noir (white of black) on a bottle of Champagne, though somewhat a little rarer is the term Blanc de Meunier (white of Meunier). I am sure wine experts and many wine lovers will either know or have guessed it already, but the term of Blanc de…

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