50 Shades of Rosé Sparkling Wine Awards 2021 Results

50 Shades of Rosé Judging 201

The second year of our ‘50 Shades of Rosé‘ awards and we were very pleased to welcome some top judges to join us by the sea as we tasted and scored 57 x rosé sparkling wines* (all from the 2020 Glass of Bubbly Awards). Judges were: Patricia Stefanowicz MW Abbie Bennington DipWSET Kirsty Woodgate DipWSET…

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Light & Fruity Levels in Sparkling Wines

Light and Fruity Flavours of Sparkling Wines

Who doesn’t like a fruity wine and especially those that involve bubbles. Many different styles of wines from different countries from varied grapes will show a fresh and fruity character. The spectrum of fruit flavour descriptions for both aromas and flavours in wines is vast with the likes of apples and pears to strawberries and…

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Hint of Spice Levels in Sparkling Wines

Hint of Spice Levels 202

Spices come in many different forms and expressions with a long history attached. Be it from heat levels to colouring to a past showing connections to religious rituals and also including the likes of medicines, cosmetics and even perfume production. Nearly every kitchen will have a collection of spices to enhance food preparation and serving,…

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