PDO Champagne: French exports 2015-2022

OENsights.com (pronounced exactly like ‘insights’) celebrated Global Champagne Day, with a look at the French exports evolution from 1995-2022, with the release of our ‘PDO Champagne: French exports 2015-2022’ report. Let’s get started with a glimpse of all French Sparkling wine exports – comparing the total value of PDO Champagne vs other Sparkling wines from…

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Louis Roederer Collection 242 Champagne

Louis Roederer [Road-ur-ur], a distinguished Champagne producer situated in Reims, France, traces its origins back to 1776, when it began as Dubois Père & Fils. While its early days were marked by still wine production, the focus soon evolved to embrace the art of crafting fine Champagnes. The business underwent a transformation under the stewardship…

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Greece’s Champagne market fastest-growing in the world

champagne sales greece

Despite being debt-stricken, Champagne sales have soared in Greece making it the world’s fastest-growing market. It’s revealed that the rise is actually largely due to the influx of wealthy tourists. However, the overall consumption of Champagne in Greece is still lower than it was before the debt crisis. The UK is the second fastest growing…

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