Elias Gagas

PDO Champagne: French exports 2015-2022

By Elias Gagas / 30th October 2023

OENsights.com (pronounced exactly like ‘insights’) celebrated Global Champagne Day, with a look at the French exports evolution from 1995-2022, with the release of our ‘PDO Champagne: French exports 2015-2022’ report. Let’s get started with a glimpse of all French Sparkling wine exports – comparing the total value of PDO Champagne vs other Sparkling wines from…

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Sparkling Wine Importing Countries Top 10 – Q1 2023

By Elias Gagas / 3rd October 2023

As part of our continuing series of articles for glassofbubbly.com, focused on the international trade of sparkling wines, OENsights.com (pronounced exactly like ‘insights) has prepared an overview of the key Sparkling Wine International Trade trends, during the first quarter of 2023. This time we’re taking a glimpse at the global wine imports figures – as…

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The State of European Sparkling Wine Exports in 2022

By Elias Gagas / 6th June 2023

At OENsights.com (pronounced exactly like “insights”) – among other things – we closely monitor the global wine trade, on a monthly basis. Together with glassofbubbly.com we’ll be bringing you regular updates, on the evolution and details of Sparkling wine exports across the globe. Our inaugural article, on the subject, focuses on the performance of European…

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