Mionetto Cartizze DOCG Prosecco

The DOCG Region of Prosecco in Italy

In 1887, master winemaker Francesco Mionetto opened his own winery in Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Prosecco area, just north of Venice. In Mionetto’s vineyards, some slopes roll gently towards the valley, others are much steeper. For protection from the prevailing cold alpine winds and icy rains from the north, vines are on southeastern…

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What is Prosecco DOCG Rive?

Prosecco Rive Di

Many will assume, and rightly so I guess, that the quality of wines depends on the prices they are set at. If you have ever visited a restaurant and looked at the wine list, they are usually in price order which dictates the order of quality, right? A glass of Prosecco is a glass of…

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Prosecco Classifications

The main recognisable levels of Prosecco come in the form of a label around the neck of the bottle, the standard level is a light blue label stating ‘DOC’ and the higher quality comes in a brown label stating ‘DOCG’. What Do DOC and DOCG Stand For? DOC stands for ‘Denonimazione di Origine Controllate’ and…

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What Are The Sparkling Wine Classifications?

Each country has its own classifications for its Sparkling Wines, for example, France has the Champagne Region and in that region, you’ll find the likes of Grand Cru and Premier Cru, but what do they mean? In the Prosecco Region in Italy, you’ll find DOC and DOCG, do you know what that really tells you?…

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The Perfect Prosecco To Have With Salad

When looking for the best Prosecco to have with salad, you might just look in your local supermarket and pick up a bottle at random and hope for the best, but you don’t have to, Prosecco, in general, will go great with a variety of different salads, so you’re going to be pretty safe, but…

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