Does Prosecco Taste Like Champagne?

Let’s talk about Prosecco, how it tastes, is it the cheaper Champagne option or is it an entirely different experience altogether? Although Prosecco and Champagne are both Sparkling Wines, they are both made using different methods and different grapes, which does create two different tasting experiences. The answer to Does Prosecco Taste Like Champagne is…

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What Does ‘Grower Champagne’ Mean?

Vineyards of Ay

Grower Champagne can only be called a Grower Champagne if all the grapes used in producing your Champagne were grown on vines in your own vineyards/estate, rather then purchasing grapes from other third party vineyards. Grower Champagne is referred to in French as Récoltant-Manipulant Not all Champagne Houses have enough hectares of vines to meet…

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