Ratafia Champenois Awards Results 2022

ratafia champenois awards 2022

Following a year absence due to the constraints of covid globally, we were very pleased to continue with the Ratafia Champenois Awards at Glass of Bubbly. Following on from a very successful 2020 awards where the trophy for the World’s Finest Ratafia Champenois was presented to Gilles Dumangin with his 16 year sample, we were…

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Ratafia Champenois and Cheese Pairings

Ratafia Champenois and Soft Cheese

One of the most amazing taste experiences between a wine and cheese for me is that of Ratafia Champenois and soft (creamy) cheese. The combination of the creamy savoury flavours of the cheese brings about an amazing warm honey and caramel explosion in the palate and concludes in prolonged nutty, creamy, prune and many more…

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