Ratafia Champenois Awards Results 2022

19th September 2022

ratafia champenois awards 2022

Following a year absence due to the constraints of covid globally, we were very pleased to continue with the Ratafia Champenois Awards at Glass of Bubbly. Following on from a very successful 2020 awards where the trophy for the World’s Finest Ratafia Champenois was presented to Gilles Dumangin with his 16 year sample, we were once again tasked with deciding who would be chosen as the best for 2022.

Tatiana Mann, chair lady of the Ratafia Champenois awards who also helped formula the unique judging process, joined us at our Glass of Bubbly seaside location tasting room. Tatiana is a qualified sommelier with a degree in chemical technology and phychology along with a highly respected wealth of knowledge within the wine industry – Alongside Tatiana was founder Christopher Walkey and Oliver Walkey – Between all three judges there were over 300 Ratafia Champenois tasting notes experience.

Oliver Walkey and Tatiana Mann Pakhmutova

Oliver Walkey and Tatiana Mann Pakhmutova


A most enjoyable day of judging with very experienced judges in regards to tasting experience of Ratafia Champenois. Our unique system of blind judging that includes a two tier process along with scoring and golden tickets sees a very fair and thorough breakdown of aromas and flavours. The complexity of Ratafia Champenois gives us a wide range of aromas and flavours to delve in to with the wine producer, terroir and grape styles affording us a fine variation to choose from ie from fresh and fruity styles to the more complex rancio. Thank you to Tatiana for joining us and all of the fine Champagne houses for partaking in and supporting the London Ratafia Champenois Awards for 2022.” Christopher Walkey

Judging process:

Ratafia Champenois Judging Sheet - Copyright Glass of Bubbly LTD

Ratafia Champenois Judging Sheet – Copyright Glass of Bubbly LTD


What is Ratafia Champenois?

Ratafia (Champenois) is a liqueur and usually around 18% alcohol content. It will be made of the must and liqueur of the Champagne region. It requires 10 months ageing which can be either via tank or oak barrels. It can be made from a combination of Champagne grapes and from the more serious producers it will be single grape varieties as well as aged vintages. Read more here.

2022 Ratafia Champenois Results – All medal winners in order of judging:

Xavier Leconte Chardonnay SILVER MEDAL

Silver Medal Xavier Leconte Chardonnay


Moutard Chardonnay GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Moutard Chardonnay


Philippe Glavier GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Philippe Glavier


Legret & Fils 100% Meunier GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Legret Fils Meunier


Xavier Leconte Pinot Meunier GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Xavier Leconte Meunier


Paul Déthune Pinot Noir SILVER MEDAL

Silver Medal Paul Dethune Pinot Noir


Legret & Fils 100% Pinot Noir GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Legret Fils Pinot Noir


Moutard La Gamme sans Soufre SILVER MEDAL

Silver Medal Moutard La Gamme sans Soufre


Faniel & Fils SILVER MEDAL

Silver Medal Faniel Fils



Silver Medal Moutard XO


Jacques Picard Solera Gold Medal

Jacques Picard Solera


Legret & Fils 100% Chardonnay GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Legret Fils Chardonnay


Moutard 5 ans SILVER MEDAL

Silver Medal Moutard 5 ans


Xavier Leconte Pinot Noir SILVER MEDAL

Gold Medal Xavier Leconte Pinot Noir


Moutard 6 Cepages GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Moutard 6 Cepages


Dumangin J. Fils 18ans (2003 millésime) WORLD’s FINEST

Worlds Finest 2022 Gilles Dumangin 18 ans


Moutard Cepage Chardonnay Hors d’Age GOLD MEDAL

Gold Medal Moutard Chardonnay Hors d age



Tasting Notes from Glass of Bubbly judges:

Xavier Leconte Chardonnay

Very aromatic, peachy profile. Full bodied style.

Stone fruits, marzipan, pastry, walnut with a high acidity expression on the nose. Lemon, apricot with an increasing nutty caramel in mid length and close.

Apricot, yellow floral, syrup, figs, honeysuckle, lemon mousse, marzipan, nutty aromas. More’ish style with delicate pastry, yellow candy flavours expressed.

Moutard Chardonnay

Slightly oxidised style, you’ll either like this or not. Baked apples, forest floor, touch of rancio and what appeals is the fresh, zesty lemon on the finish.

Tobacco, prunes in syrup, pepper, forest floor on the nose. Smooth style with dried peach / apricot, toffee apple, caramel, red berries in the palate.

Apricot, fig, wet tobacco – A touch hollow for me. Yellow fruits and floral with not too much depth.

Philippe Glavier

Always beautiful when Ratafia has floral character. Creamy, full bodied with pastry on the finish.

Floral character in aromas with a touch of talcum powder. Fruity style with lemon, apricot. Mid length gives a hazelnut and caramel character. The close is sponge cake.

Yellow candy, powdered sugar, yellow fruits, peppermint, liquorish in flavours. Mellow style with flavours of yellow stone fruits and also dried stone fruits, liquorish persists in flavours too.

Legret & Fils 100% Meunier

Digestive drinks lovers – There are a lot of tertiary characters. This would be great for after dinner drinks or to accompany Stilton cheese. Allow time in the glass for this wine to open up.

Baked apples and red berries on the nose. Caramel, prunes in syrup and herbal flavours.

Ready salted crisps, figs, floral aromas. Figs, fried sweet onions, prunes in syrup, chocolate in flavours.”

Xavier Leconte Pinot Meunier

If you are a big lover of pure light bodied, though at the same time very complex, then this is for you. Very elegant, has a lot of complexity yet within a light body. Fresh apples, citrus, apricot, peach and candy fruits. Future star this Ratafia Champenois maker in my eyes.

Citrus, touch of tobacco, prunes in syrup, forest floor aromas. Citrus and a touch sour initially with an increasing apricot, lemon cake flavour.

Lemon, apricot, peach flesh, yellow candy sweets, floral in aromas. Flavours are lemon, yellow stone fruits, peach skin. Very fruity style.

Paul Déthune Pinot Noir

Needs time for integration as for me the sweetness level in the palate needs to calm slightly. Beautiful aromas / flavours of red berries, apple, fig, honey.

Vintage Champagne expression on the nose with toasty, dried prunes, dates and tobacco aromas. Citrus and dark caramel with a touch of nuttiness in the length.

Salted potato crisps, fig, prune, honey and hints of oak chippings on the nose. Syrup, honey, caramel, figs, apricot, tobacco and brown sugar in flavours.

Legret & Fils 100% Pinot Noir

Rich winter style Ratafia Champenois for me. Aromas remind me of Christmas pudding, raisins, toffee. The beauty of this example is the finish being long and consisting of red currents, plum and tobacco.

Rancio style. Caramel, savoury, tobacco, prunes and pepper aromas. Caramel, prunes, sponge cake, toffee apple and chocolate flavours.

Homemade sweet potato chips, toffee, Christmas pudding, red currents in the aromas. Syrup, pastry, oak, figs, prunes, savoury, chocolate in flavours.

Moutard La Gamme sans Soufre

This wine has fantastic balance, creamy texture, very smooth. It has multi layers of aromas and flavours . Citrus style to include burnt brown sugar, tobacco, forest floor.

Rancio style with wet tobacco, forest floor, prune, fresh figs, black berry fruits in aromas. Flavours not reaching the depth of aromas. Citrus, prunes, caramel with a hint of creaminess in the length.

Oak, Tobacco, figs, forest floor aromas. Seaweed, oak, forest floor, chocolate, lemon flavours.

Faniel & Fils

Light tawny colour. Hazelnut, peach, sunflower seed. Finish is straw and tobacco. Refreshing acidity yet creamy texture – wine has potential for development.

Floral, honey, soft spices, straw, tobacco on the nose. Citrus, zesty with fresh fruity style initially followed by a creamy / oily nuttiness in the length.

Pink and vanilla candy sweets, soft floral notes in aromas. Lemon, floral, prunes in syrup, caramel, nutty, pastry flavours.

Moutard XO

Slightly different style of Ratafia Champenois. Starting with herbal medicine notes developing up to plums, toffee, tobacco leaf.

Wet tobacco, prunes and herbal on the nose. Fruity initially with a fresh saline kick alongside peach, floral.

Citrus, floral driven, tobacco, dried tree leaves in aromas. Oaky, nutty, yeasty, tobacco, forest floor, chocolate flavours.

Jacques Picard Solera

Leather, rubber (eraser), syrup, sweet spices, dried apricot in what is a powerful and punchy aroma expression. Fruity and quickly shows a creamy texture with deep reaching dried fruit layers with added honey, pastry base, walnut oil, dried red apple slices.

Leather and rubber with golden syrup, red fruits on the nose. Delicate and warming taste experience, relaxing the palate with prunes, pastry, figs, golden syrup, apricot, peach and red apple.

Legret & Fils 100% Chardonnay

This wine feels make for generation Z. First stage you believe it is a rounded and sweet, but with time in the glass you experience beautiful aromas of floral, hazelnut, plum and honey.

Oak, fresh walnut, white pepper, prunes in syrup in aromas. Caramel, lemon, dried apricots. Length shows sponge cake, hazelnut paste.

Toasty pastry, yellow floral, roast chicken, hazelnut, marzipan aromas. Honey, savoury, prunes, figs, syrup, caramel in flavours.

Moutard 5 ans

Light brandy colour. Brandy style of Ratafia Champenois. Savoury style. Rancio, peanut butter and finished with dry eucalyptus. Very digestive style.”

Seaweed / nori sheets, forest floor, pepper tobacco, powdered sugar on the nose. Saline, dried yellow stone fruits initially followed by soft citrus, caramel, apricot, dried peach slices, Asian spices.

Tobacco, wet tobacco, seaweed, peanut butter aromas. Aged oak, toasty, rich apricots, dried yellow floral in flavours.

Xavier Leconte Pinot Noir

A signature zesty acidity making this example stand out – If you love acidity and freshness then this is for you. Dark tawny colour. Creamy texture. Fantastic long finish. I suggest to buy this and put it in your cellar for a few years.

Prunes, toffee, tobacco, icing sugar in aromas. Saline, citrus and good levels of acidity in the palate.

Rich style with powdered sugar, pastry, saline, citrus in aromas. Caramel, prunes in syrup, figs in flavours.

Moutard 6 Cepages

Light golden tawny colour. There are a lot of medicine, herbal, citrus, floral characters. Beautiful. The finish should nori sheets – Ideal to pair with Asian salmon based foods.

Wet tobacco, nori sheets, dried apricots, baked apple in aromas. High acidity, saline, apricot, soft nutty / toffee candy close.

White floral, yellow floral, stone fruits on the nose. Lemon candy, toast / pastry, croissants in flavours.

Gilles Dumangin 18ans (2003 millésime)

You know that this is a luxurious example even from when you begin to pour. Very unique aromas clusters from expensive leather gloves to old wood, tobacco leaves, dried figs. Texture is phenomenal, buttery rich – You wish to smell this Ratafia all evening. An almost infinity finish in the palate – Just a treasure in the glass.

Caramel, dried red apple slices, caramel, glazed apricots and more on the nose – Oozes intensity and luxury. Rich salted caramel,, red berry fruits, sponge cake, prunes, nutty patisseries and more in flavours.

Oak, hints of lemon, pastry, croissant on the nose. Pastry, hazelnuts, well done toast, floral, honey, red berries in flavours.

Moutard Cepage Chardonnay Hors d’Age

Lemon colour. The most aromatic Ratafia of our selection we tasted. Fennel, lemon, orange blossom, green tea, tobacco, herbs, coconut style of oak. It will be fantastic as aperitif style or Ratafia, this is a very complex example (lighter style). Potential from this Ratafia could be very good signature cocktails or chocolate.

Damp tea leaves, tobacco, floral on the aromas – Very fresh style. Creamy citrus flavours along with nuttiness, caramel with a decent lingering length.

Perfect display of yellow floral, hay, fresh American oak on the nose. Soft yellow floral hay, yellow fruits in flavours.


2022 Ratafia Champenois Awards roundup:

The quality levels were very high this year and it was a very close call between two labels for the trophy. The Gilles Dumangin 18ans and Moutard Cepage Chardonnay Hors d’Age faced each other in a taste off of which a very lengthy debate saw a majority decision for the Gilles Dumangin label giving it the title for the second time. The standard of Ratafia Champenois continues to grow as do the styles. We can enjoy an array of flavours and aromas giving Ratafia Champenois a great versatility for pairing with varied gastronomy delights.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.