A Raspberry Arising Cocktail

Creating a Forget Me Not Cocktail is a challenge because it will always depend on your individual likes and dislikes to whether it becomes a Forget Me Not, but when trying it is good to enlist some help from a Forget Me Not Medal Winner, this time its Motzenbäcker, a German Sparkling Wine. Raspberries are…

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Meditate With A Glass of Bubbly

Trophy Meditation Motzenbacker Rosé

Imagine yourself standing on the beach, with the sun shining down on you, the sand beneath your feet and waves gently brushing your heels, you look down to your hand and see a wine glass. But it’s empty… You come back into the real world and realise you need to pick the right Sparkling Wine…

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Motzenbäcker and Venison Burgers

Motzenbäcker – German Sparkling Wine Motzenbäcker has a history dating back to 1758, currently, 4 generations of the Menger-Krug family is helping in creating Motzenbäckers Wines & Sparkling Wines, they all have their own specialist fields and gift new ideas to their Wine & Sparkling Wine, they all reside in the wine estate Krug´scher Hof…

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