Steak Dinner: Red Wine or Champagne?

Red Wine or Champagne with Steak

For a long time red wine has been associated with red meats when it comes to enjoying them together. This could mean red wine in the sauce or simply pouring yourself a glass of whilst you eat red meats. White wine would be seen to favour white meats and fish, likewise both in sauces or…

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Discover Sparkling Wines from Pays d’Oc IGP at VINISUD

Bubble Bar at Vinisud: discover the quality sparkling wines that complete the range of Pays d’Oc IGP wines. Located in Hall A2, the Pays d’Oc IGP 1000 m² stand, aims to reflect the quality and diversity of its original and characterful varietal wines – a testament to the rich range of winemakers in the Pays…

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