Prosecco DOC Tasting With Neil Phillips aka The Wine Tipster

Step into the world of Prosecco DOC with our experienced tour guide, Niel Phillips aka The Wine Tipster Neil Phillips is the UK brand ambassador for Prosecco DOC, representing and showcasing the world of Prosecco DOC to the UK since 2014. Prosecco can only be produced in a certain region in the North-East of Italy,…

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Live Prosecco DOC Tasting Today at 6pm

Zoom Prosecco DOC advert example 3

Join us tonight at 6pm GMT (1st of July) for a live tasting on Zoom hosted by @ChrisWalkey & @TheWineTipster UK Brand Ambassador for @ProseccoDOC  We will also be joined by 8 producers from the DOC region, Christopher Walkey and Neil Phillips (TheWineTipster) will be tasting 8 Proseccos with each of the DOC producers live over…

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