5 Rosé Champagnes

A glass of Champagne, sir? Why, yes, thank you very much! Oh, waiter, I think there’s something wrong with this Champagne How so, sir? It’s pink It’s meant to be sir, it’s Rosé Champagne Rosé Champagne, Rosé Champagne, Rosé Champagne, is it just me or does anybody else like saying that. Rosé has been making…

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Relationship between Romance & Fizz

Romance and Fizz

When we think of true romance, many of us picture scattered rose petals, Champagne, and candles. It’s no coincidence that bubbly is considered a staple for celebrating romance around the globe. In fact, Champagne has represented love since the 18th century when Louis XV’s favourite mistress – Madame de Pompadour – declared that “Champagne is…

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