The Best Alcohol For Your Cocktails

22nd April 2022

Best Alcohol For Cocktail

The world has a wonderful selection of different alcoholic drinks to incorporate into your Cocktails, ranging in alcohol levels from the softer liqueurs to the stronger spirits. The way to get relief treatment for a substance use issue for yourself or a loved one is provided by alcohol rehab Arizona.

If you’re looking for something new to try, hopefully, you’ll find one or two you didn’t know about.

  • Sparkling Wine
  • Rum
  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Whisky/Whiskey
  • Brandy
  • Tequila
  • Ratafia Champenois
  • Campari
  • Chambord
  • Southern Comfort
  • Liqueurs
  • Jägermeister
  • Schnapps

Sparkling Wine

Let’s start with one of the best, Sparkling Wine has a wide array of flavours that can be influenced by grapes, land, country and people, a marvelous creation requiring teamwork, patience and nature.

Sparkling Wine has a known array of different Cocktails like the French 75, Mimosa, Kir Royale and the Bellini, but when it comes down to it, Sparkling Wine Cocktails still has a lot of possibility to carve out a section in the Cocktail making world, with just the vast array of Sparkling Wines, including, Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, English Fizz and all the Sparkling Wines across the world, there are near endless possible combinations, and here at Glass of Bubbly we create our own unique and classic Sparkling Wine Cocktails which, if you’re looking for something new you should definitely check out.

How Much Should I Use?

Due to the lower alcohol content of Sparkling Wine being around 12-13.5% compared to a spirit being around 39-40%, you’re able to use more of it in your Cocktail and to receive its lighter/more delicate flavours, you are going to want to.

When creating a Sparkling Wine Cocktail, typically it would go something like this, 10-15ml spirit, 50-75ml of juice and 50-100ml of Sparkling Wine. You would then adjust to any sweeteners or bitters added, and of course not all Sparkling Wine Cocktails include spirits and juice.

When enjoying it with juice, you’re going to want to at least match it, and with a spirit go for around 4 times the amount.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Sparkling Wine has the ability to add a delicate array of unique flavours, of course depending on bottle, because Champagne, Prosecco & Cava all have their own recognisable flavuors, even if we just take Prosecco, the flavours from winery to winery can differ from green fruits, floral notes, to even tropical fruits, this is what makes Sparkling Wine a fantastic addition to Cocktails.


A pirate’s best friend, if only Rum could speak, the stories it could tell, of adventure, mysteries and gold would be near endless, this sits as my favourite spirit because of the mouthfeel and flavours which it can deliver.

Combining Rum with any Tropical Juice is normally a safe bet on achieving a delicious Rum Cocktail, two of the most popular Cocktails include the simple Rum and Coke and the Piña Colada which contains, Rum, Coconut Milk/Cream and Pineapple Juice, enhancing the Tropical flavours and perfecting the silky smooth texture.

How Much Should I Use?

Rum can take on a silky, smooth texture, making it slightly easier to drink more of, but it is still a spirit with an alcohol level of 40% or higher, so it should still be treated as such, anywhere from 10-20ml in a Cocktail will be enough to showcase itself, going for 20% will create a considerably stronger Cocktail compared to 15ml, so make sure you’re prepared for the kick.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

As said Rum can take on a silky, smooth texture, the flavours depend on producers and type of Run you buy, like White Rum or Dark Rum, but generally, you will taste any of these flavours: Vanilla, Pineapple, Coconut, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Oak, Smoke, Caramel or Nuts.


Pothecary Gin

A classic go-to spirit in creating Cocktails, a lot of craft Gins have appeared over the years, adding to the classic Gin flavours going in new and interesting directions, but when looking at an original Gin, it’s going to pair well with most ingredients. With Cocktails like the Gin Martini, Gin & Tonic and the Aviation being good choices.

How Much Should I Use?

Containing 40% alcohol content, anywhere between 10-15ml would be perfect whether with a Tonic, Juice, Sparkling Wine or Lemonade.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

If we stick to the Original Gin flavours, you’re sure to see some of the following: Juniper, Citrus, including Lemon, Lime or Orange, Cardamom, Ginger, Angelica Root, Nutmeg and Coriander. But if we go over to the craft Gins, then you could be experiencing a wide array of fruits, like Green Apples, Strawberries, Raspberries, Orange, Lemon, Peach and more.


Originating in Russia during the 14th century, with some believing it was first made over a thousand years ago, this Spirit is most known for its part in the Bloody Mary, The Vodka Martini, The Moscow Mule, White Russian, Screwdriver and Cosmopolitan, as well as the simple Vodka and Coke

How Much Should I Use?

Like most, the Vodka contains a 40% alcohol level, so 10-15mls in Cocktail would do fine, with the option to go up to 20ml if you wanted to go get drunk faster.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Not much, Vodka is the go-to Alcoholic drink to help you achieve that tipsy level quickly, as Vodka doesn’t really have much of a flavour it can combine with pretty much any Juice or Ingredient, simply allowing you to drink alcohol without any added taste, which makes it perfect for Cocktails.

When you try and pick out some flavours, you’re only really going to get grains or potatoes, but don’t let potatoes put you off Vodka, it’s defiantly not like biting into a potato, to most people Vodka is tasteless.

Whisky /Whiskey

Whiskey (Irish) or Whisky (Scottish) is seen as more of a sit down in an old chair with a big cigar and enjoy a glass of Whisky rather than let’s add it to a Cocktail, so I’m not sure how many people would associate Whisky with Cocktails, but whether to your surprise or not, they do work together. Here are some Whisky Cocktails which you may have heard of, The Godfather, Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Whiskey Sours.

How Much Should I Use?

Averaging between 40-50% Alcohol, Whiskey has a bold flavour, becoming prominent in most situations, so going for 10mls would be fine, but if you’re not happy with that, go up to 12 or 15mls.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Whisky has a recognisable presence to it that you’re not likely to forget, flavours can include Barley, Malty, Smokey, Rye, Corn, Wheat or Briny.


Tesco Finest Brandy

When it comes to which of the spirits has the on average highest alcohol content, Brandy is up there, containing up to 50% alcohol level, it is one of the highest alcohol levels you’ll find in your local supermarket.

Two popular Brandy Cocktails consist of the Brandy Alexander and Brandy Daisy.

You may have also heard of Cognac, it is a different variety of Brandy with 40% Alcohol content.

How Much Should I Use?

Brandy has an alcohol level between 45-50%, although it can pack a stronger punch, the Cocktails which are made with Brandy typically use more, somewhere between 30-60mls, but if you don’t want the Brandy to be the feature of the show, then lowering it to 10-15ml like the other spirits will work perfectly fine.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Brandy has more of a mellow and complex flavour, consisting of oaky, fruity and subtle sweet flavours.


Tequila!!! everyone knows the Salt, Tequila & Lime drinking method of licking salt off your hand, drinking a shot of Tequila and then sucking on a lime wedge, the shot that is for sure to wake you up, but how many of you have used or enjoyed Tequila in a Cocktail?

One of the best Tequila Cocktails I’ve enjoyed was a Tequila Sunrise Champagne Cocktail, the combination of flavours from the Tequila, Grenadine and Champagne created a perfect recreation of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

How Much Should I Use?

Containing anywhere between 40-50% or above alcohol content, this Spirit can take on a slightly stronger touch, so the alcohol used in a Cocktail should range from around 10-15ml.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Depending on the age, you could get an oily texture up to a silky/creamy texture, the flavours can range from spicey, fruits, nutty, woody or sweets.

Ratafia Champenois

Ratafia or the kind that we’re going to focus on, Ratafia Champenois, grown exclusively in the Champagne Region made from the must/extract of the same grapes used to make Champagne. When searching for Ratafia Champenois Cocktails, there aren’t many, but some of the most popular will include The High Roller Cocktail, The Magician’s Secret and The Straight Shooter, which you can see how to make here: Ratafia and Champagne Cocktails

How Much Should I Use?

Containing only around 16-22% Alcohol, you can enjoy more of this Liqueur, but one thing to keep in mind is the increased sugar level, Ratafia Champenois contains 110 grams per liter, this sugar adds to the refined elegances to some and increases the fruity sweetness on others.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Depending on how aged the Ratafia Champenois that you have you could taste flavours of Oak, Wood, Smokey, Nutty, Pastry, Syrup, Caramel, Honey, Figs, Prunes, Apricots, Peaches, Yellow Fruits and more.

The older the Ratafia Champenois the deeper the flavours with the Oaky, Nutty kind and the younger the Ratafia Champenois include Yellow Fruits, Honey, Syrup, Peaches and Apricots.


One of the most famous bitters to enjoy in a Cocktail is the Campari, first thing to say is it’s not going to be for everyone, Campari has a real bittersweet flavour and was first created in the Northwest of Italy in 1860

At first, I disliked the bittersweet flavour of Campari, but I found a bottle which I didn’t mind, combined it with different Juices and now I’m happy to enjoy it in a Cocktail, but I completely understand those who don’t who don’t have a taste for it.

If you’re looking to explore the world of Campari, then I recommend trying either the Campari Spritz, Jungle Bird or the Americano.

How Much Should I Use?

Campari averages between 20.5% to 28.5% in Alcohol, so it sits somewhere in the middle of a Liqueur and a Spirit, but because of its bittersweetness, you should still average around 10-15mls, so the Cocktail doesn’t become dominated by it.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Campari has a strong and notable bittersweet flavor, with it expressing the likes of Orange, Orange Peel, Orange Zest, Cherries, Cinnamon, Cloves, Grapefruit and more.


A sweet little bottle with a sweet taste inside, Chambord is only made by one company, you won’t find it anywhere else, it has been owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation since 2006, they originally got the idea from a Raspberry Liqueur produced during the late 17th Century in the Loire Valley in France, with King Louis XIV possible receiving a bottle as a gift during a visit to the region.

Two Cocktails that are worth a try if you’re a fan or looking to try Chambord are the Chambord Royale or French Martini, Chambord also finds its way into recreating classic Cocktails like the Chambord Daiquiri or Chambord Moscow Mule.

How Much Should I Use?

At only 16.5% Alcohol content, Chambord promotes a sweet taste over getting you drunk, with each bottle only containing 20cl, you’re not going to want to use loads in your Cocktail, but the good news is, you’re not going to need to, depending on the size of your glass, you’re only going to need 10-15mls of Chambord to taste its flavour.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Raspberry, Chambord is known for its sweet Raspberry flavours, it is 100% naturally made with Raspberries, Blackberries and Blackcurrants, flavours also can include sublte notes of Citrus, Vanilla, Blackberries and Blackcurrant.

Southern Comfort

You couldn’t find a better bottle of liqueur to fill the boots of a Cowboy Cocktails, Southern Comfort gives you a taste of the Wild West, with Cocktails like the Alabama Slammer, Southern Hurricane, Comfort Old Fashioned, Slam Dunk or New Yorker.

How Much Should I Use?

Standing at 35% Alcohol content, the amount of Souther Comfort can range from as little as 10mls up to the likes of 60mls, often the flavours of Southern Comfort are wanted to be enjoyed throughout the Cocktail, a good standard would be 45mls.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

Southern Comfort was first created in New Orleans, it is a whiskey-based liqueur, you can expect flavours of oak, spice, vanilla, cinnamon, peach and apricot.


The exciting and expanding world of Liqueurs is doing wonders for the Cocktails making world.

Typically speaking and very simply speaking, a Liqeure is like taking a spirit, cutting the alcohol content in half, adding some popular and unique flavours and increasing the sweetness to between 70-100 grams per liter.

You can find some phenomenal flavours which you would never expect to see, Manchester Drink Co is one of the leading brands in creating Liqueurs, like their Roasted Pineapple, Ginger & Pear or Coconut & Vanilla Rum Liqueurs or Strawberry & Cream, Mystical Unicorn, Blood Orange, Watermelon Crush or Candy Can Gin Liqueurs.

Also included in the Liqueur category is Schnapps and Jägermeister which will be shown you below.

How Much Should I Use?

You have half the Alcohol content as you would have in spirit, Liqueurs contain only 15-20% Alcohol, but the sugar content is up to a minimum of 70% going up to 100% per liter, so you’ll still want to watch how much you drink, just for another reason, but you can add between 15-30mls to a Cocktail.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

You can expect endless flavours, it really depends on what bottle you pick up, most of the Liqueurs from Manchester Drinks really deliver on the flavours they state on the bottle, for a real answer to this question you’ll have to pick up a bottle and try for yourself.


Jägermeister, the famous green bottle with the stag and cross logo, is a liquor that was created in 1934 by Wilhelm and Curt Mast in Germany and is made from 56 herbs and spices.

The most famous Cocktail is the Jägerbomb, made by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into an energy drink, normally Red Bull.

How Much Should I Use?

Jägermeister has its own more unique alcohol content, not quite reaching that of a Gin or Rum, but not going as low as a Liqueur, sitting at 35% Alcohol content. Meaning that the recommended amount to add to a Cocktail is around 15-25mls.

Even though it is close to the alcohol level of a spirit, Jägermeister is considered a Liqueur.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

When enjoying Jägermeister will experience hints of herbs and spices with the likes of black licorice, syrup and molasses, it has a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.


A highly sweet liqueur, making it easy to forget you’re drinking alcohol,

An inexpensive heavily sweetened form of liqueur is made in America by mixing neutral grain spirit with fruit syrup, spices, or other flavors. Referred to as “schnapps”, these are bottled with an alcohol content typically between 15% to 20% ABV (30–40 proof), though some may be much higher.

How Much Should I Use?

As a Liqueur, it sticks to the same 15-20% Alcohol content but also contains 11 grams of sugar per ounce, meaning you drink 195 calories with every shot you take. With a standard shot being about 44ml, you’ll be glad to know that we won’t be using that much in a normal Schnapps Cocktail. You’ll average around 20-30mls with two brilliant Schnapps Cocktails to try being The Woo Woo and the Bliss on the Beach Cocktail.

What Flavours Can I Expect?

The most common flavoured Schnapps will be the Peach Schnapps, delivering Peach, herbs and fruity flavours.

There are various different Schnapps available, including the likes of Banana, Cherry and Lemon Schnapps.

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