The Perfect Pairings When Gifting Champagne

1st April 2022

The Upward Spiral

Nothing beats the elegance of a good bottle of sparkling wine, which is synonymously known as Champagne. Apart from being the world’s most prestigious sparkling wine, there’s a long list of things that make Champagne a great gift, but its versatility perhaps takes the topmost spot.

For instance, it can be gifted on different occasions, from dinners to birthdays, housewarming parties, holidays, weddings, anniversaries and other milestones. You can also gift Champagne to a special someone to say thanks, apologize, or wish them success in an upcoming endeavor.

But the gift becomes even more meaningful and appreciable when paired with other smaller or equally valuable ‘side-gift’ items. From chocolates to flowers to pizza, here are a few perfect pairings to consider when gifting Champagne.

1. Champagne with Chocolate
Champagne has been found to work very well with chocolate. Whether it’s the milky or dark type, chocolate goes a long way to enhance and complement the flavors in Champagne, such as vanilla, strawberry, apple, and citrus. The aftertaste, in fact, is actually quite pleasant, your recipient will appreciate every moment.

2. Champagne and Flowers
This is perhaps the most adorable pairing on the list. Since they both create a celebratory mood and complement each other, a bouquet of fresh blooms can make a perfect gift when paired with Champagne.

The good thing these days is that you can even order your bouquet online so you don’t have to spend much time visiting the florist. The folks at Bouqs flowers accept orders for same-day delivery, next-day delivery, or on your chosen date.

Depending on the event, your recipient, and the message you want to pass across, you can pick anything from white lilies to roses, or hydrangeas. You can even help them welcome springtime with floral rosé Champagne. White lilies are known to be the best.

3. Champagne Glassware
There’s no better way to show your loved one how much you care than to get them Champagne alongside some nice and classy glassware. From rocks glass to flute, coupe, white and red wine glasses, there are many elegant choices to pick from that your gift recipient will enjoy. Chances are that they’ll keep the glass/es displayed in their home!

4. Champagne and Caviar
Let’s face it; gifting a whole fish can sometimes seem a bit overdone. But if your Champagne gift recipient prefers the lighter option, you can go for caviar and pair it with a Champagne bottle or glass.
When a sip of Champagne follows a bite of caviar the flavor burst is nothing short of magical. The combination works great, especially for a recipient who has everything.

5. Champagne and Pizza
Whether you are gifting a bottle of champers to yourself, or to a special someone, you can’t go wrong with a glass of Champagne paired with something like mushroom pizza.

Moreover, the combination pairs well with various types of cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. You can simply nibble on it and enjoy it while sitting around a fire-pit, or with a group of friends.

6. Tickets to Something Fun
By now, you must have realized that there’s nothing more satisfying than spending some quality time with your friends. It doesn’t really have to be on a trip, but a night out, a Coachella picnic or something similar could do.

How about gifting your special someone with a ticket or two to a fun-filled event alongside your Champagne bottle? It could even be a weekend picnic or a ball game.

Gifting Champagne can be a great choice in many instances. And there’s nothing rocket science about pairing champagne with a few unique items that make the gift more presentable. Hopefully, the above few ideas will inspire your choices.

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