Unique Ideas for Tasting Events

30th December 2019


According to Eventbrite, there has been a 47% increase in the number of tasting events and this seems to be ever-increasing. The event experiences seem to be of greater importance to attendees. Most of them are ready to part with their money in such a situation.

Since there are numerous tasting events these days, a memorable one would be different from the regular ones. This is because gathering responses from events attendees, 87% of them affirmed that they’d only attend if the event had a unique style.

Tasting events can be exciting if there is proper planning. Truth be told, it’s not only meant for wine experts. Many guests will be eager to leave the comfort of their homes during this holiday season.

So are you ready to create memorable tasting events? Here are a few unique ideas.

1. Make the event exclusive

People that matter prefers a tasting event that is exclusive and intimate. Research shows that 1 in 3 persons prefer such exclusive events. Make sure there are limited seats and attendance should be strictly by invitation. The attendees would feel more special in this type of setting.

2. Include memorable VIP experiences

Tasting events attendees often feel good and even willing to pay heavily for an event with memorable VIP experiences.

For instance, the tasting event can be held during a tournament of poker or other exclusive experience. This makes them think less of how much money they paid for the tickets.

You could also set discounts for those who pay on time and come up with creative ways of making attendees feel good.

3. Host the tasting event at a memorable venue

A memorable venue could be a non-traditional place like a vineyard, greenhouse or warehouse. Although these might require intensive planning, the dividends would surely outweigh the efforts.

4. Use rare ingredients

This idea on its own is a golden ticket. Around 65% of respondents who loved attending tasting events agreed that they were more pulled towards events with rare ingredients on the menu.

Think about recipes that haven’t been released yet or have become as desired as they are rare. A seasonal mushroom or BBQ and Fizz are perfect examples.

It’s imperative to create a checklist and communicate effectively with your team so that you won’t forget anything. Remember to research your guest and select wines they will enjoy. You can contact reputable wine merchants for insights early on.

5. Use RFID

Radio-Frequency Identification can turn your tasting event from ordinary to extra-ordinary, leaving attendees impressed and satisfied. With the RFID, they can pay for meals and gain entrance easily.
You can also use the technology to monitor how active each part of the event is and make critical decisions.

6. Look for sponsors

Two good heads are better than one – clearly matches the case here. If you want to create a memorable tasting event, you must work hand-in-hand with sponsors who would come to display their engaging and interactive skills and brand.

However, with too many sponsors, your purpose for hosting the tasting event might just fade into the background. A few good sponsors are what you need.

7. Add activities that aren’t related to tasting

Having your audience engage in activities that aren’t related to food or drinks tasting at some point in the event can add color to everything and create fun memories. Events like dog racing, photo booths, horse rides, and live music can add to the overall fun.

A memorable tasting event may leave participants stomachs, but won’t leave their minds. Use these ideas to make yours memorable!

These events can be part of a party or a standalone event. Attendees are bound to have fun, discover new things about wine, and may even receive wines as Christmas gifts. The bottom line is to create an environment where they can express their views freely.

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