12 Award Winning Sparkling Wines of Christmas 2019

12th December 2019

12 sparkling wines of Christmas 2019

Who doesn’t love to receive wine for Christmas or any other time as a matter of fact, that bottle of red, white or bubbly can send waves of smiley energy to any receiver. If it is because you have been invited for Christmas drinks or dinner or you require a certain pressie for that friend or family member then what about a bottle of fizz to achieve that festive sparkle.

Christmas is a busy time of the year for food and wine sales, television and other media outlets are full of letting us know the delights of gastronomy and drinks that can tempt us in supermarkets. Stores are full of promotions from the cheaper wine solutions to those suited to connoisseurs who have a wider tasting knowledge and higher expectations – From the high street to Google with a tonne of emails in between, we will not be short of a wine promotion or two to tempt us.

As we only look at sparkling wines at Glass of Bubbly we can cut down the market somewhat and again shift through many fine examples to reach some which have excelled excellence recently namely being medal winners at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly awards 2019 in London.

Below we hope you find some really wonderful sparkling wine examples from around the globe each label being purchasable online and hopefully ready for you to serve at Christmas…

1: Champagne Roger Brun – Reserve Familiale 2004

Let us start at the very top at the wine which won the title of the best sparkling wine in the world for 2019 – It is the fantastic producer Roger Brun with winemaker Philippe Brun making some wonderful examples of Champagne that are simply to die for. Now is the time to enjoy this splendid Champagne ‘Reserve Familiale 2004’ as it delivers a toasty, honeycomb, dried apricot aroma with toasty, citrus, honey, apricot and more in flavours – There is no wonder that Champagne is known as ‘the wine of kings’.

The 2006 vintage is available from Elicite.

2: Japan Lumière – Sparkling Kakitsubata

Yes, there is such a thing as Japanese sparkling wine and you can purchase them in the UK also! Here is a kind of not only a wonderful sparkling wine to offer as a gift and enjoy during the festive celebrations, but it is also a great conversation starter as most people will assume a fizzy wine will be Champagne or Prosecco and certainly not from Japan!

The Kakitsubata is a very special label and on merit win a trophy in the category of ‘Forget Me Not’ thanks tor its very stand out aromas and flavours. A brilliant bottle of fizz for food pairings and certainly if you wish to raise an inquisitive eyebrow or two thanks to aromas and flavours that circle around apple honey, yellow rose petals and even a touch of banana!

The Lumiere Koshu label is available from Amathus Drinks.

3: Bolney Estate – Blanc de Noirs 2015

How about some English bubbly to surprise and impress someone. Here we have the Blanc de Noirs from The Bolney Estate who are an English vineyard located just an hour and a half drive south of London and are open to public visits and tastings.

Importantly their wines are gaining attention globally including a trophy and bronze medal at our awards in 2019. The flavours are punch and alive and the fizzy wine brings a crisp and refreshing tasting sensation that is perfect for any occasion that calls for bubbles.

Here you will lose yourself in aromas of bruised green apples, straw, nettles and smokey cured ham. Flavours are crisp with dry greengage, gooseberry, honey along with green herbs and soft spices. Bolney are great for Christmas gifts with a vast amount of perfect pressie options including their very own 12 days of Christmas gift set available here that includes the Blanc de Noirs.

4: Villa Sandi – Asolo Prosecco Superiore

You have not tasted Prosecco until you have experienced Villa Sandi” is what I usually say to people when I introduce them to this producer which is a personal favourite of mine. What is great for you the buyer here is that you will be guaranteed the best in wine tasting quality from one of the biggest producers of this popular Italian white sparkling wine.

If you want superior tasting Prosecco then look out for the brown label on the neck of the bottle as you will be after the brown label, DOCG, which means the wine is ‘highest designation of quality among Italian wines. Find out more about quality levels of Prosecco here.

The Asolo Prosecco from Villa Sandi comes from a select area of the wine growing region circling the town of Asolo that is full of vineyards of steep hills that produce some of the best Glera grapes which are used to make Prosecco. Simply visit Amazon to find some examples of Villa Sandi Prosecco for sale.

5: No. 1 Family Estate – No.1 Reserve

Sparkling wine production is global and a big gun in this industry is New Zealand who produces many award winning sparkling wines with one of the major producers being No1. Family Estate who are based just across the water from Wellington and next to Cloudy Bay.

New Zealand fizz goes through the same process as Champagne making with a variety of its own grapes including the likes of Sauvignon Blanc. Here we the No.1 Reserve which is a 100% Chardonnay (Blanc de Blancs) and this particular wine always does well at the Glass of Bubbly awards, in 2019 it took home a Gold Medal in the category of ‘Creamy’.

With No.1 Family Estate you can guarantee an exciting sparkling wine, many of the bottles are attractive is shape and design, with an exciting fizzy taste to enjoy and share. Find out more at the Amathus website including the chance to purchase this bottles from just £25.42.

6: Lantieri Franciacorta – Saten

Italy is such as wonderful country for producing wine with many regions from north to south offering the world splendid labels from Chianti’s to Barolo’s with great fizz examples too including Trento, Prosecco and also Franciacorta.

Here we have a superior quality Franciacorta (DOCG label) from one of the UK’s best suppliers of Italian wines, Mondial Wine, and this particular label took home a trophy in the category of ‘Sea Breeze’ at the 2019 awards. It’s a refreshing and crisp sparkling wine, made in the same process as Champagne.

Shake things up (not literally though) with this Italian sparkling wine available to purchase online from Mondial Wine.

7: Cantine Ceci Spa – Terre Verdiane Lambrusco Amabile

Here comes the Lambrusco and some mighty fine red sparkling wine – This is a great gift as many people will yet to have ever tasted red fizz. This is a Lambrusco so we are still in Italy and a wine that took home a gold medal for the category of ‘Summer Days’.

A fine gastronomic wine so if you have been invited for dinner then this will run perfectly well alongside the likes of cheese and chocolate cake.

Find out more about this wine directly on the Cantine Ceci Spa website.

8: Pere Ventura Cava – Tresor Rosé

If it is fizzy and it comes from Spain then it is likely to be a Cava! Here we have one of the most well known Cava labels who offer a great selection of labels to choose from and importantly they all remain of a high standard and wonderful tasting experience.

A wine house that I have been lucky enough to visit and their rosé Cava is simply a delight to taste for any rosé wine lover – A wonderful aperitif wine or something to pair well with a host of dishes.

Grab your bottle online via Vinissimus website.

9: Champagne FrereJean Freres – Cuvée des Hussards 2012

Not enough Champagne suggestions for you then here we have another powerful punch of fine fizz flavours from another trophy winning label. A vintage Champagne that comes from a very up and coming brand that has been gaining great reviews internationally for the quality of wine they are producing.

If you want to WOW the party mood then turn up with this 2012 vintage (extra brut premier cru) which won the title of the best in the category of ‘Classic & Elegant’ in 2019 and comes in a rather nicely designed bottle – Available at Honest Grapes for just over £100 a bottle.

10: Zonin – Prosecco DOC Brut

For those shouting out more Prosecco please then I have another one from you and another trusted and respected producer. The Zonin brand in Italy offers a wide selection of quality wines and are very focused on delivering the flavours that consumer love from their wines.

If you are looking for that easy and economical choice for a bottle of bubbly yet know you will enjoy the bubbles inside then the Prosecco DOC Brut can handle this task.

Visit the Zonin website today to order your bottles and also to spend time browsing the wide selection of wines they offer.

11: Ferrari – Perlé 2013 Trentodoc

Another famous sparkling wine region of Italy and holding some of the highest vineyards in Europe is the Trentodoc in the northern part of the country. What is amazing about this region is the quality of traditional method (Champagne style) sparkling wine they are making now rub shoulders with the likes of Champagne.

Ferrari is a sexy named brand as many of us will be thinking of classy red motors – Ferrari Trentodoc is, in fact, a wine producer and indeed, held the name long before the motor industry made Ferrari an international household name.

Here is another trophy winner in the category of ‘Oaky & Toasty’ so you know you will be get those great flavours of burnt toast, pastry, yeast and deep yellow fruits. Available from Great Western Wine.

12: Familia Schroeder – Deseado

Prefer a little bit of sweetness? Here is a constantly high performing sweeter style sparkling wine that will be perfect for those hoping for plenty of sweet food at Christmas. A gold medal winning sparkling wine in the category of ‘Dessert’ meaning that it will be fine to pair alongside sweeter foods and this was chosen by 50 top wine judges.

This producer also offers a rosé which took home a trophy – These are great, easy to drink and just the right balance of sweetness.

Available from Ellis Wines.


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