4 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas For Wine and Champagne Bottles

29th June 2020


Wine and Champagne make the perfect gift for any occasion, but it’s all about presentation! Check out these unique gift wrapping ideas for wine and Champagne!

Gifting someone a bottle of wine or Champagne is a simple way to say, “thank you” or “you’re welcome,” and much more. Wine and champagne bottles make for the perfect gift for newlyweds, anniversaries, sophisticated gatherings, house-warming parties, and much more.

The only downfall to gifting someone with some excellent wine or Champagne is that there’s no real way to wrap a wine bottle creatively, right? Wrong! Wrapping a wine bottle comes with challenges, but it can be done in some pretty cool ways if you know a few tricks.

Ready to start learning unique gift wrapping ideas for your wine-loving friends? Continue reading below for some amazing gift-wrapping techniques for wine bottles!

1. Fabric and a Ribbon
Have you ever tried rolling your wine bottles in wrapping paper? If so, then there’s a good chance you’ve learned the hard way that it just doesn’t work. Wrapping paper rips easily and won’t conform to the bottle’s shape like you’ll need it to.

Instead, consider using a piece of fabric to wrap the bottle in. You can head to your local fabric store and pick out a fabric and pattern that suits the occasion. You can find fabric with Christmas designs and just about anything else.

Wrap the bottle in it and place a ribbon around the bottle’s neck to keep it all together.

2. Tissue Paper and a Bow
Another similar way to wrap the bottle without having to spend money on fabric is to wrap it in tissue paper. If you want to make the tissue paper a bit more sturdy, you can double up on it. You’ll then lie the bottle down on the paper on a flat surface.

Wrap it around the bottle and tie a bow around the neck to complete the look.

3. Clear Bag, Tissue Paper, and a Ribbon
You can purchase clear wine bottle bags. They’re plastic, so they’ll hold the bottle well. To make it more creative, add some tissue paper inside the clear bag along with the bottle.

You can even consider using a variety of tissue paper colors to spruce up the vibrancy. Place a ribbon around the bag’s handles or around the top of the bag and neck of the bottle to finish.

4. Cheeseboard, Bread, and a Ribbon
Wine bottles don’t have to be wrapped entirely to be gifted. A unique way of bringing someone a bottle of wine or champagne is to place it on a cheese board along with some other fun snacks like cheese, a loaf of bread, or mixed nuts. Lie everything down on the board and hold it all together using a thick ribbon.
This creates a basket of deliciousness, minus the basket. A wine bottle label made from good polyvinyl alcohol suppliers will adhere well to the bottle and be its own wrapper in this wrapping technique.

Which Unique Gift Wrapping Idea Will You Choose?
There are more ways to wrap a wine bottle than you’d think. These ideas are just a few ways of doing so.
Which unique gift wrapping idea for wine and champagne bottles will you choose? Choose one of these or get inspired by them to create your own fun wrapping idea!
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