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Cristal Champagne Vintages

Ultimate Guide to Cristal Champagne Vintages / Price Values

By Christopher Walkey / 3rd February 2023

I’ve heard many Champagne lovers state that Cristal is the finest example including their rosé releases. Even the highly respected Champagne author Michael Edwards states of the Cristal vintage 1988 in his book ‘The Finest Wines of Champagne’ – “… this is one of the finest Champagnes of my lifetime, creating a sense of awe“.…

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Sparkling Wine Vocabulary

Sparkling Wine Vocabulary

By Christopher Walkey / 2nd February 2023

I certainly agree that wine is to be enjoyed and we do not always want to engross ourselves too much on the ins and outs of the science behind how it arrived in the glass we are sipping from. There are books written on certain wine regions and even dedicated to wineries which I am…

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Where to Store Wine / Champagne at Home

By Christopher Walkey / 31st January 2023

For many of us, when we bring wine into our homes it is very likely that it will be consumed relatively quick in that we will open that cork in a matter of days and no more than weeks from purchase. Other times we might purchase wines for a future event or for our very…

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Investing on Champagne Why and How

Investing in Champagne – Why and How

By Christopher Walkey / 27th January 2023

Most Champagne is made to be enjoyed sooner rather than later. The standard, household name selection we see when we are everyday shopping and likely to come past at supermarkets is that of  NV (non-vintage) Brut which will have a recommended shelf life of three to four years. Sometimes we might want to push the…

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How to sell Champagne online

How to Sell Champagne Online

By Christopher Walkey / 26th January 2023

Though many of us would love to have an extra supply of Champagne and other favourite fine wines at home, there are plenty of people who are looking for the complete opposite with selling in mind over popping corks! There are countless reasons why you might wish to sell your Champagne / fine wine collection…

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What is a Wine Masterclass

What is a Wine Masterclass?

By Christopher Walkey / 25th January 2023

If you are to be involved in the wine industry then it is very important that you immerse yourself fully in the products you are working with. As wine is very much a flavour experience, though of similar importance, aroma and visual quality, it pays you to understand these qualities well in order to be…

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sustainable sparkling wines biodiversity organic natural

Sustainable, Biodynamic, Organic, Natural Sparkling Wines Explained

By Christopher Walkey / 23rd January 2023

With 100,000’s of wineries dotted around countless countries globally (7.5 million hectares of vineyard approx.) producing around 33 billion bottles of wine. The footprint this sector has is tremendous, which is why many governing bodies of wine regions are focusing on how the grapes are grown and the production methods. If we look at an…

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Ultimate Guide to Comtes de Champagne Vintages

Ultimate Guide to Comtes de Champagne Vintages / Price Values

By Christopher Walkey / 20th January 2023

One of the finest Champagne labels on the market with fans globally is the Comtes de Champagne from Champagne House Taittinger. Alongside classic label names such as Cristal from Roederer and Dom Pérignon from Moët & Chandon, Taittinger also offer their most prestigious cuvée in Comtes de Champagne which is equally acclaimed by wine critics…

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White Meat and Fish with Champagne

Why White Meats and Champagne?

By Christopher Walkey / 19th January 2023

Most of us, even if not the biggest of wine fans, will know of the rule of thumb quote ‘white wine for white meats (and fish) and red wine for red meats’. Depending on the style and quality of the wine chosen, this phrase is relatively a safe bet in most cases and worthy of…

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