Champagne F. Cuchet-Cez Rosé Brut

23rd October 2014

Champagne F. Cuchet-Cez Rosé Brut

Aspect of smell
The aromas of small red fruits (raspberry, cherry, and dtrawberry of wood) are in date and express themselves in a remarkable manner. With a nice olfactory intensity, big fresh aromas and notes of bonbons and sweets, this wine is very animated. It is an enchantment of different fragrances of fruits and some flowers that give it a nice potency sat in elegance, with a feeling to a feeling of being in a full hamper of fruits during a nice summer party.

Visual Aspect
This wine is endowed with a dress of great elegance. Effervescent with fine bubbles forming pretty pirouetting columns which bloom at the surface, creating a fine disc and a cord of good persistence. The pink cherry colour invites us to taste and lead to the predictably nice aromas of small red fruits which are synonymous with freshness.

Aspect of taste
The attack of taste is a completely faithful to the perception given by the sense of smell. A nice hamper of red fruits with the blackcurrent, the whortleberry, blackberry with smells of citrusy pink grapefruit.

Its big feature is the freshness of its aromas. It is an assemblage of preserves, jellies, sorbets, subtle ice with fragrances of fair. The equilibrium on the palate is very right, marked by an animation of acidity in perfect harmony with sweetness.

The assemblage of red wine is dosed in a remarkable manner, not to conceal the aromatic foundations of the 3 champagnois grape varieties which can express themselves and bring all their complicacy. The end is find and smart, very delicate in the mouth.

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