Champagne Napoléon

8th October 2014

Champagne Napoléon

Champagne Napoléon is a specific brand from the House of Ch. & A. Prieur which was originally founded in 1825 by Jean-Louis Prieur, a native from Champagne. Today, the House is named after his two sons – Charles and Alphrede.

In 1907, following advice from his Russian importer, the then head of the House, Jean-Louis’s Grandson, Alfred-Marie, registered the brand name “Napoléon” and began selling Champagne under this prestigious name.

Today the House of Ch. & A. Prieur continues to produce the Napoléon brand and remains dedicated to the rules of traditional Champagne making. The Champagnes are all beautiful, varied, and under the direction of head wine-maker Jean Philippe Moulin, are as good as ever.

As part of the Champagne House Prieur, the Champagne Napoleon brand was first registered in 1907. Today production is overseen by Jean-Phillipe Moulin, head winemaker and President of CIVC who was formerly head winemaker at Ruinart. In recent years, the Blanc de Blancs has won 10 different awards, including 5 gold medals, the Brut Tradition 6 awards (2 gold) and the Millésime 3 awards, 1 of which is a gold medal.

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