Champagne Pierre Brocard – Interview With Thibaud Brocard

5th July 2024

Champagne Pierre Brocard Interview With Thibaud Brocard

The love of Champagne is infinite, a language that everyone can understand, a sparkle that can shine in anyone’s glass, it can connect people, brings them together and places a smile on faces around the world.

In this exclusive feature on Glass of Bubbly, we speak with Thibaud Brocard, the skilled Winemaker at Champagne Pierre Brocard, let’s discover a little about his life, his journey into the industry and one of his favourite Champagne memories.

It’s Great To Speak With You, Thibaud, Can You Tell Us A Little About Yourself & How Your Journey Into The Champagne Industry Began?

“Bonjour Oliver, I was born into it, and I’m trying to be the 4th generation! After a few months in New Zealand and some visits here and there, I came back to the winery in 2013 and made some mistakes, thinking I knew how to make wines right after school. Then I learnt it’s a family legacy, it’s hard to turn your back on this. I’m not saying, I’m made to be a vigneron, but year after year, you start to feel comfortable and start saying I’m good at this and I love to do it, that’s the best feeling.”

Do You Remember Your First Experience With Champagne? When It Was And What Kind Of Label It Was?

“There are many memories of my link with Champagne. The first experience which marked me is the visit to the cellar of the vigneron Raymond Laurent in my village, it was a bag of knowledge and he kept many vintages with all the memories linked to it, my father brought me there one morning, 15 years ago and we spent 2 hours listening to Raymond and tasting old vintages.”

How Rewarding And Challenging Is Running Your Own Champagne House?

“It’s an everyday challenge, 20 years of mainly running a business that is about success and money. Today we want to improve every level of it, including sustainability, conditions of work, quality of the wines and the vineyards. Everyday there are new questions and the next generation has plenty of talent, it’s a huge motivation to talk together.”

When It Comes To Pairing Champagne With Food, Do You Have Any Favourite Combinations That You Would Personally Recommend?

“I’m never very good at finding good pairings because, to me, Champagne is an easy wine to pair, with its freshness and verticality you can pair it with many foods.”

What Future Plans Can Enthusiasts Of Champagne Pierre Brocard Look Forward To In The Coming Years?

“More cuvees, from more parcels with more and more identity in the wines!”

“Can You Share With Us One Of The Most Memorable Experiences You’ve Enjoyed With A Glass of Bubbly?”

“Last year, I had the chance to taste a magnum 2017 with blocked malo from Huré Freres, and two times it was a true great wine that often comes back to my mind. I put this wine in my top 3 memories of Champagne.”

Thank you Thibaud, for sharing your story and experiences with us and we at Glass of Bubbly wish you the very best for the future!

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