Champagne with Steak & Chips

21st January 2020

Champagne with Steak and Chips

The Champagne

Based in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, France, Champagne Paul Launois is run by Julien Launois, an entrepreneurial winemaker.

The winery operates on 6.5 hectares over 19 plots of vineyards.

The company is currently named after Julien’s son, Paul Launois.

Julien Launois also offers a very unique ‘Single Barrel’ opportunity, where you can buy your very own barrel of Champagne, but what makes this so special is that you get to decide how your Champagne is made.

You choose the cask, dosage and how long to age it for, and you also get help from Julien the winemaker on how to make your unique Champagne.

Each barrel contains the same Champagne, his Chardonnay du Mesnil on Oger Grand Cru terroir, the barrels will each contain 216 bottles of your Grand Cru Champagne.

paul launois single barrel photo

The barrels are stored deep down in Julien’s wine cellars and after you have finished making your Champagne you get to keep the barrel you made it in, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a fantastic thing to do, it won’t be a quick process, but you are able to go visit your barrel of Champagne in the wine cellars and see how your Champagne is coming along.

To find out more about the ‘Singe Barrel’ opportunity, just click here.

Quote from Christopher Walkey – Founder of Glass of Bubbly – “The winemaker here is an innovative forward thinking man and supported by his young family – making positive waves.”

Champagne Paul Launois Monochrome Cuvée Grand Cru Tasting Notes:

Aroma – “Apple skins and a touch of dry honey with a hint of walnut.”

Taste – “Dry flavours with lime zest and green fruits.”

This Champagne won a Silver Medal in the Classic & Elegant Category in The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019.

Champagne with Steak & Chips

Steak & Chips is a whole hearty meal that’s supposed to fill you up after a long day’s work, so it’s only right to enjoy it with a nice quality Champagne, you already know the Champagne, but for the meal, we used Steak Cut Chips and 100% British Steak with sage and peppercorn butter.

Pairing Notes

Champagne Launois Mono Chrome with Steak and Chips pairing

Champagne Paul Launois Monochrome paired with Steak & Chips


Pairing Notes – “You get all of the best initial savoury delights from the dish and then a quick burst of dry green fruits from the Champagne. This was a most enjoyable pairing with food and wine complementing each other very well.”

Oliver Walkey

Oliver Walkey

Journalist focused on sharing Champagne and Sparkling Wine reviews and cocktails to the world.