First Mobile Champagne & Prosecco Bar for Northern Ireland

10th September 2016


A Northern Irish entrepreneur has set up the region’s first mobile Champagne and Prosecco bar.

Communications manager Alex Megarry had the idea for Bubbly Bar after she came across a mobile Champagne bar at the Burghley Horse Trials in Lincolnshire last year.  She was looking to start a new venture as she is getting married in November and will be living in remote Limavady where there are few opportunities to use her PR skills.

Using money from the sale of her house, she converted a trailer and fitted it out with on-board fridges, shatterproof Champagne flutes, overhead black and hanging lights and a huge ice bucket, with the help of designers Masters Exhibitions.  She was also required to take a ‘trailer test’ before she could take the bar on the road.

Bubbly Bar’s main target market is weddings, though Megarry also hopes to attract custom from organisers of private parties, christenings, festivals and outdoor events.  Cava will also be served at the bar and guests will be able to customise their drinks with raspberry, strawberry, peach or pomegranate purées.

Glass of Bubbly

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