Lobster with Champagne Roger Brun La Pelle Grand Cru 2013

27th February 2020

Champagne Roger Brun La Pelle 2013 and Lobster

For many of us a particular favourite dish to pair with Champagne is fish and especially fresh fish / shellfish that fantastically compliment a fine drop of the ‘king of wines’ in your glass.

There are many recommended Champagnes with fresh fish dishes, they are almost a long term couple in their relationship. We see plenty of  dedicated restaurants globally that focus their attention on serving seafood with bubbles such as the Caviar House & Prunier chain who can be found in central London and at Gatwick airport. From Japanese sushi to fish & chips, Champagne copes well when placed alongside them.

Lobster salad with a splash of lemon

Lobster salad with a splash of lemon

Lobsters were once considered poor man’s food. In Colonial times the crustaceans were so plentiful in the northeast that they were often used as fertilizer, feed for farm animals and as fishing bait. Because they were so cheap, they were only eaten by poor people and served to prisoners and servants.catalinaop.com

Lobster is one of those seafood favourites and found on many a fine dining menu. Barbecued, grilled or served on toast in a mayonnaise sauce, there a numerous ways to enjoy lobster – Pre-cooked options from supermarkets or live from the fish market, looked at as being a superior option in shellfish foods, it is surprisingly easy both to prepare and to cook.

Gold Medal Gastronomic 2019 La Pelle Champagne Roger Brun

Champagne Roger Brun La Pelle Grand Cru Extra Brut 2013


Champagne Roger Brun La Pelle Grand Cru Extra Brut 2013 – Gold Medal ‘Gastronomic’ at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019: “Another fine label from the magical Champagne producer Philippe Brun. The nose is a blissful step inside a bakery with freshly baked butter croissant, lightly toasted bread and Danish pastries tempting you. Along with yellow stone fruits and honey. Flavours are ripe yellow and green fruits, honey on toast with a welcoming dry and elegant citrus finish.

You can now purchase this Champagne label directly from the Glass of Bubbly website at a special discounted rate from the supplier of £52.50 per bottle: https://glassofbubbly.com/product/champagne-ay-la-pelle-extra-brut/

Located in the jewel of the Champagne region, Aÿ, Roger Brun is a grower producer that holds a prestigious position in the quality of Grand Cru production. Philippe Brun is the owner and winemaker:


When you meet both Philippe and his wines you will undoubtedly be taken on a journey, a characteristic and bold pathway to Champagne delight. A master of producing multi award winning Champagne labels and sticking to his values and not those which are being dictated from within the industry, it’s Philippe’s way or nothing and with a growing fan base globally, who can argue with his philosophy.

Much of Champagne Roger Brun production is enjoyed internationally with a growing demand from Japan as well as options to purchase the wines here in the UK – Currently distributed by Elicite.

Lobster and Champagne Roger Brun La Pelle Grand Cru 2013:

A sweet citrus expression initially that cleanses the palate and cleverly enables all the rich flavours of both the Champagne and lobster to delight you. This is truly a powerful yet elegant Champagne that would pair with a variety of fine cuisine.

The Champagne softens the salty sea flavours allowing the lobster flavours to express themselves towards the close with a touch of yellow fruits lingering in the background.” – Oliver Walkey


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.