Robert-Allait, the Sublime Champagne

22nd December 2020

Champagne Robert Allait Forest

Once upon a dream, there was a far-away forest enshrouded in mystery, where a rose had been cultivated since forever. It wasn’t a regular rose, it was a Black one with petals graded from dark crimson to black. It was believed that this rose had mystical powers and that the lady who touched it would be bestowed with beauty and charm. It was also believed though, that not just any lady could have these gifts, but only a person with gentle nature and sensitive soul.

The Black Rose had also an alluring aroma that enchanted people’s senses with its smell and the velvety petals to caress the hand’s skin. It was a pure and rare flower, and the belief of its unique power resounded all over the world and every woman was extremely eager to own it.

At this point in my fairy tale, you don’t know where we are and if these lines are all a figment of my imagination or not. So you may wonder: is that all real? And the answer would be yes! The Black Rose really exists and it was originally cultivated in Turkey. And is it true that this beautiful flower can bestow beauty and charm on the lady who picks it? Yes, that is also true. This happens for real thanks to specific active principles provided by this unique kind of rose whilst combining a delicious and captivating fragrance.

For this reason, nowadays many cosmetics companies have decided to extract these principles in order to create high quality beauty products naturally fragranced. In fact, the extract of Black Rose instantly smoothes facial features by revitalizing and plumping the skin for a radiant and stunning result. But that is not all, the Black Rose’s sublime aroma awakens senses immediately giving a sensation of well-being , feeling its pureness whilst lifting up hearts.

I was wondering if a similar fragrance can be found in wine; a rose note that can fill
your soul with joy for an unforgettable moment.

Let’s go to Europe, more precisely to France, the nation well-known for its sophisticated and refined taste. Where the unique savoir-faire of artists leaves its unmistakable mark on different subjects such as fashion, art, cuisine and obviously wine, not to mention Champagne, le rois des vins.

We are in Villers sous Chatillon, in a wonderful area between Épernay and Dormans, in the heart of the Marne Valley, and I’m eager to find a Champagne that can grant my wish to detect a rose note in its bouquet. In a 13-hectare south-facing vineyard spanning six communes of the Marne Valley, there is a Maison deeply committed to protecting the environment whilst enhancing the beauty of these place. Welcome to Robert-Allait’s family in Villers-sous-Châtillon where Sylvie and Régis, helped by their daughter Stéphanie and her husband Aurélien, have been carrying on a long family tradition for five generations. They grow all three Champagne grape varieties, in particular, Meunier and three of the cuvées they offer are made exclusively from the Meunier grape. And here we are, a magnifique Champagne with an alluring note of rose won me over.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Robert-Allait Champagne Cuvée Jordan millésime 2015.
Assemblage 1/3 Pinot Meunier, 1/3 Pinot Noir, 1/3 Chardonnay.

This vintage opens with fine toasted aromas and brioche note. Accents of yellow stone fruits in particular peach and apricot, at the heart of the bouquet, is a sublime floral note of rose. The flavours are toasty yet crisp, ripe yellow stone fruits and almond on the finish which conquer the palate with its undeniable elegance.

What is extra special about this wine…
Its scintillating prism of bubbles will conquer your eyes whilst caressing your palate with the same delicacy of a rose petal.

Its flowery note of rose will lift up your spirits giving you a moment of glee. This Champagne will definitely put a gleaming look on your face making it nice and happy so that you would experience again and again.

As you have read this story has not come from the magical wave of a wand but I like to consider it a dream come true with a touch of whimsy.

So now allow me to add a few more lines to the story by wondering if it is true what they say, that if you look through a glass things may appear different?

Sometimes magical, sometimes surreal, sometimes simply better than how you would ever imagine it. If you believe in your dreams any scenario you picture in your mind may turn into reality. It doesn’t matter how big your dream is, or how long it might take to get it. Just close your eyes and guard it in your soul and your heart and let your mind bring it to you. Now open your eyes and look through a glass, you are on the verge of seeing your dream come true.

Another time, my dear fizz lover I will tell you the story of another excellent bubbly, but for now, I bid you good-bye and Merry Christmas!

Stefania Ruffo

Photo credit: Tania Volobueva
Jewellery and glasses courtesy of Été Lunettes

Stefania Ruffo

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