A ‘Smashing Time’ at The Savoy for Nyetimber gets them Barred

6th February 2017


There is nothing like a bit of positive press to help excel your brand, in fact some people can even deal with negative press and still turn in round in their favour, but has this news story regarding The Savoy and Nyetimber gone that bit too far and left a door open for other English Sparkling Wines to step in through?

Someone threw this latest news story on my desk today regarding this surprising news story regarding The Savoy hotel in London and English Sparkling Wine brand Nyetimber. The report which was featured in The Times online here (and also over at The Drinks Business by my good friend from wine press trips Lucy Shaw) told the story of how Nyetimber investor and proprietor, Eric Heerema, got himself blacklisted from The Savoy after he apparently flew in to a red temper and rage which led to him both insulting bar staff at a drinks reception and smashing glasses on site. This quite poor show from Eric and his brand Nyetimber led to The Savoy’s head of food and drinks to write directly to Nyetimber to terminate their relationship and end sales of Nyetimber at one of London’s most famous and loved locations.

I am sure that many of us who have attended an event, a tasting, a launch and other types of drinks reception have had one too many glasses (I can hold my hand up to this when fizz is on show), but we nonetheless love our industry and respect the people that, just like ourselves, work in it. We love to see people enjoying themselves, and we are lucky that in our industry we get to taste and experience many fine occasions, but I have never seen glasses smashed or nasty attitudes… So, does this leave the door open for another English Sparkling Wine to be served at The Savoy?

The Savoy hotel, especially the amazing bar area really is a unique location and I have dined and enjoyed bubbles on a few occasions there to know it is special.

English Sparkling Wine have had tremendous positive press in the last couple of years and rightly so. We get many questions regarding which is the best and which they should stock, we have been happy to refer many fine labels to many venues already. Would I recommend Nyetimber now? I have heard of one or two who will not…

Christopher Walkey

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.