Champagne With Dick Taylor Chocolate

Champagne and Chocolate is a winning combination in the public eye, creating a sex appeal, the excitement of the bubbles and the creamy texture of the chocolate, we all know the pairing is associated with love in some way. When it comes to the flavour combo, the real question that is still being asked is,…

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Craft Chocolate and Sparkling Wine

Pairing Champage and Chocolates at Famille Richard-Fliniaux

When it comes to pairing wine with food, or in this case chocolate with sparkling wine, the first -unwritten- rule would be: there are no rules, if you like it, you have it then your way. The second sort of rule would be: “what grows together goes together”. Now, this does not apply to chocolate…

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Rosé Champagne and Chocolate

We’ve paired Champagne with Chocolate and Prosecco with Chocolate before, but never with Rosé Champagne, so I’m looking forward to the red fruit flavours that will be hopefully added to the Chocolate. After our 50 Shades of Rosé Tasting, where Fox & Fox Mosaic Rosé Brut 2015 won first place, we put aside and paired…

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