World Chocolate Day – Chocolate & Champagne

5th July 2024

Kakawa Artisan Chocolate Brownies and Lollies

There are only a few days each year that you can eat as much chocolate as you want without needing an explanation for why your mouth is covered in chocolate, including Easter, Christmas and World Chocolate Day, yes there is a day dedicated to Chocolate.

World Chocolate Day is always celebrated on the 7th of July, this year it falls on a Sunday, the fabulous occasion was first created in 2009.


Chocolate has been around as early as 1900 B.C. it has over 4,000-years of history, but back when it was first created, it wasn’t the sweet treat you could get in your local supermarket, evidence has been pound by Anthropologists (the scientific study of humans) that pre-Olmec cultures living in what is now Mexico were the first to make Chocolate.

The Mayans believed that chocolate possessed mystical and spiritual qualities, they worshipped a god of cacao and reserved chocolate for rulers, warriors, priests and nobles at sacred ceremonies.

When it comes to the creation of the first modern chocolate bar, we have Joseph Fry to thank, he discovered in 1847 that he could make a chocolate paste by adding melted cacao butter into Dutch cocoa, and by 1868 Cadbury had started marketing boxes of chocolates in England.

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Happy World Chocolate Day from Glass of Bubbly

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