Sweet Sparkling Wine With Panettone

For Panettone lovers, a wonderful pairing that enhances the sweet tooth and displays a richer expression of freshly baked Panettone. The Sparkling Wine – Familia Schroeder Heinz Theodor Schroeder settled down in Patagonia in 1927 and began working in the wine industry, their winery and vineyards are located in San Patricio del Chañar, Patagonia at…

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Sparkling Wines

The day of love returns, in all its romantic glory, from flowers to chocolate, Victoria’s Secret to the finest Glass of Bubbly, a new year means a new range of award-winning Sparkling Wines, a selection of Fizz specifically chosen for love, each easy to enjoy, while still delivering a plentiful experience, but never distracting you…

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The Perfect Sparkling Wine For Your Christmas Cakes

Christmas is the perfect time of year to indulge yourself in the delights of the chocolaty, creamy and sweet spices of the festive season, Cakes, Biscuits, Pies and more, you’re bound to enjoy one during the Christmas season and if you would like to find the perfect Sparkling Wine to enjoy alongside it, then keep…

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Dessert Levels in Sparkling Wines

Desert Levels in Sparkling Wines

A dessert wine, though there are varied interpretations and descriptions, is a wine that is usually / recommended to be enjoyed during or after the dessert. It does not necessarily mean the wine will be a highly sweet liquor type after a heavy last course, in fact, it could be just a subtle hint of…

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Raspberry Ripple Cake and a Trophy Winning Sparkling Wine

Deseado and Raspberry Ripple Cake

There are quite a few amazing sparkling wines that are permanently stored in my memory bank and sometimes those saved taste sensations come back to life following me enjoying certain foods – I frequently say to myself, “now that wine would pair perfectly with this dish”. I recently over indulged by placing in my shopping…

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