The inKRUGible Music of Champagne

A Tête-à-Tête with Olivier Krug sixth generation director of La Maison Krug Wine, in its very essence, is one of the great simple pleasures of life. Yet for a drink that is the epitome of hedonism, wine, ironically, can be quite daunting. Everything from the mystical terminology, old school wine tasting protocol, and formal serving…

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Understanding Champagne Krug

Champagne Krug labels

Krug is seen by many within the Champagne industry as the pinnacle of quality and desirability. Waited on with much anticipation each new release, a global, growing appreciation and admiration gives it a cemented name within the luxurious lifestyle communities. It sits as confidently as Rolls Royce (or should I say the more desirable Bentley)…

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Exclusive Interview with Olivier Krug

As a wine writer, there are always certain labels you must taste in order to confidently compare tastes and experiences, within Champagne Krug is a must. Prestigious and specialised, traditional with charm, since 1843 Krug Champagne has certainly made itself a highly respected name within king of wines and wine of kings as the Everest…

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