No.1 Sparkling Wine

Istenic No 1 Brut Sparkling Wine

Number one in name and almost number one in ranking! The Slovenian winery, Istenic, produces a fine selection of Penina (Slovenian for sparkling wine) and this includes their special label – No.1 Brut. Located on the eastern side of Slovenia within the wine region of Bizeljsko and being involved in the making of fine wines…

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What is Methode Charmat?

Methode Charmat

There are many ways in which wines are made that deliver varied styles and results. From generation to generation, throughout the world, wine production has evolved and improved yet basic practises have usually remained in order to produce both still and sparkling wines. One such way is called the methode Charmat or Charmat method, better…

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5 Rosés from 5 Countries

5 Roses from 5 different Countries

Universally loved and represented across the globe, rosé sparkling wines have that something a little more special, more romantic and more intriguing for many. Usually a touch more expensive than their white alternative, rosé will be more often or not for those extra special occasions especially when it comes to Champagne (and more recently Prosecco).…

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