Rhubarb and Almond Tart With Sparkling Wine

The Afternoon Tea, or its more substantial High Tea sibling with both sweet and savoury options, is a meal opportunity that cries out for sparkling wine. Just to be clear, I will happily drink sparkling wine with a toasted sandwich or a stick of baguette, I don’t need the whole extended spread as an excuse…

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The Best of Italian Sparklers

Italian Sparklers 2022

Just today someone asked me what if I had to choose just one country to drink wine from and of course, my answer was, as always, Italy. It is not a difficult answer today for me as it comes with having made lots of painstaking sacrifices in order to cut my wine preferences to just…

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Ferrari Trento – “A Dream is all you Need”

Giulio Ferrari had a dream and he made his dream a reality. Welcome, To Ferrari   What Giulio Ferrari started back in 1902 has become an extraordinary location that creates unforgettable sparkling wines. Giulio wanted to be able to turn the area of Trentino into a place capable of competing with the finest French Champagnes.…

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Madame Martis 2006 Rare Vintage

The dream of Roberta and Antonio Stelzer begins in 1990, when Maso Martis was born. Since the beginning of their activity, they started producing sparkling wine, a real challenge in those years when the Trentodoc was not so widespread. The first goal was to establish a small winery with high quality products. The second goal,…

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It’s not all about Prosecco!

It's not all about Prosecco!

During this past festive season, how many of us enjoyed a Prosecco?But if you think all Italian sparkling wine is Prosecco, think again! We are helping you rethink the way you drink, with an introduction to TRENTODOC! The origins of sparkling wine in Trento go back to 1902, when a young wine technician and recent graduate…

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