4 Surprising Ways Sparkling Wine Can Benefit Your Health

9th July 2020

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When consumed in moderation, certain alcoholic beverages can benefit your health. The digestive system in particular is one which can be improved by the occasional glass of wine.

The human body relies on the healthy working of the gut. The gut works to process food from the initial digestive stages through to the disposal of waste. The absorption of nutrients and excretion of harmful toxins keeps the body running smoothly and helps us feel happy and energized in their day to day lives.

While eating good food and taking natural supplements such as colon cleansing pills (these can be found from brands like https://www.mylifeinfused.com/product/cleanse-infused-colon-cleanser/) can be used to aid gut health, small doses of nutrient rich alcohols can have similar benefits. This article explains how and why certain wines can improve gut health and other bodily functions.

1. Digestion of Fiber

Eating a well balanced diet filled with vegetables produces good fiber which helps with digestion. Taking cleansing supplements can have a similar effect, but perhaps surprisingly, so can sparkling wine.

Sparkling wine contains polyphenols, found in red grapes, which promote the growth of healthy gut flora. Polyphenol molecules work as natural defense chemicals which effectively fuel healthy gut bacteria and subsequently aid digestion. While red grapes naturally contain these chemicals, the fermentation process of wine enhances the health benefits.

Many digestive problems occur as a result of poor gut health. Propagating good bacteria within the body is therefore essential. While sparkling wines shouldn’t replace a healthy diet or supplement intake, the occasional drink may help to aid digestive processes.

2. Immune System Functions

A strong digestive system and healthy gut flora naturally work together to improve immunity. The stronger the gut, the more easily toxins and harmful diseases can be excreted from the body.

Scientists have discovered that moderate drinkers may be able to produce more antibodies than heavy or non drinkers. The antioxidant properties of the wine fight against harmful bacteria and viruses, forming a natural defense.

Note however that although immunity may be improved through the moderate consumption of certain wines, it isn’t guaranteed.

3. Antioxidant Properties

While the antioxidant properties in wine can benefit the immune system, they can also help to improve skin health. Scientists have found that the carbon dioxide found in sparkling wines can make the skin appear tighter and healthier.

It is also thought that the polyphenols in the wines can combat redness in the skin. This is beneficial to those suffering from minor scarring or sore patches caused by acne. It’s important to note however that drinking excess alcohol can increase pigmentation and age skin. Drinking water one of the best ways to improve skin and gut health and wine should be treated as an enjoyable addition.

The better your gut health is, the better your skin will be. If the gut is working smoothly to remove toxins, it is only natural that the skin will look healthier as a result.

4. Improved Energy, Mood and Cognitive Function

Eating well, drinking water and taking vitamin supplements all help to improve energy and mood. If the gut is healthy, then it is likely you will feel the effects in a number of ways.

Sparkling wines can also stimulate energy. Polyphenols have been found to have a positive effect on the brain, working on certain signals which enhance mood. This combination of improved gut and brain health can then generate greater physical energy.

Studies have also found that sparkling wines may work to reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease. They are thought to do this by clearing away harmful toxins and reducing inflammation within the brain.

The Bottom Line:

An evening glass of wine can do more than just boost your mood! Next time you treat yourself to some bubbly, feel good in the knowledge that it’s a healthy choice (in moderation) as part of a balanced diet.

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