5 Reasons To Get Branded Champagne Bottles For Your Next Corporate Event

20th November 2020


If you want your company to make a strong impression at your next corporate event, try branded Champagne bottles. Branded Champagne companies can put your company logo, slogan, event, and any custom design you want on high-quality bottles of Champagne. Keep reading for five more reasons to purchase these luxury Champagne gifts for your clients and guests.

1) They Reinforce The Quality of Your Company Brand
Having a branded Champagne bottle with your company logo is one of the most luxurious ways to advertise your brand. Using a company with high-quality French Champagne guarantees the quality of the bottle and the happiness of your guests. If you invest money in a bottle of better Champagne, your guests are sure to notice as well.

Each person who drinks the Champagne knows exactly who bought it and what is in it thanks to the label with every detail. They will also be more likely to remember your brand. For non-drinking guests, you can also invest in private label water bottles to keep up with the quality of your brand.

2) They Can Be Reused As Gifts For Customers
If you have leftover Champagne bottles after a corporate event, they can be easily reused. You can send them as gifts to special clients throughout the year or even give as congratulations to a staff member. Whether you use all your Champagne bottles at your event or not, you will always have a use for the extras.

3) They Are Perfect For Celebrations
If you’re organizing the perfect corporate hospitality event, thank you party, or office baby shower, these bottles are perfect. You can get labels customized with your brand name and the name of the event.
If it’s a special celebration, you can even pick higher-quality champagne to go in the bottles. Many bottles even come with special decorations and boxes to make people feel special. No matter the date, every guest will appreciate a glass of your company’s Champagne.

4) You Can Retain Clients
With branded Champagne bottles, you can build better business relationships and retain more clients. At corporate events, guests are sure to notice your brand on the label. It’s always good to make customers and fellow businesses happy while building your brand’s image.

Setting out a simple bottle of bubbly to a client could make all the difference. That could gain you a new business relationship or referral, as happy clients are more likely to tell others about you. Just one branded Champagne bottle can say a lot to your customers.

5) Show Your Clients You Value Them
With a Champagne bottle for every guest at corporate events, they will feel valued. High-quality gifts are sure to make them remember your company’s name and message. You can also show clients you care by sending out bottles of Champagne if they get married, have a baby, or just as a seasonal holiday gift. These extra touches don’t cost your business a lot, but the gesture can reap you more financial rewards.

Invest In Your Business Relationships
When it comes to building relationships as a business, gift-giving is a great way. Branded Champagne bottles are high-class, delicious gifts that make any shareholder, event-goer, client, or customer happy. You can personalize the label to each individual event and include your company name and logo to make sure everyone remembers it and can see that you go the extra mile for your clients.

By investing in your business relationships, you will be able to both retain clients and reinforce the quality of your brand.

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