A Taste Of Japan – Japanese Food and Sparkling Wine

1st September 2022

A Taste of Japan Japanese Sparkling Wine

This extraordinary and expansive world that we live in, offers a whole host of phenomenal foods, wines and views, but in our short and valuable time on this earth, we really do see very little of it, fortunately, thanks to innovation and hard-working people, we can have many of the local tastes of certain countries delivered to our door.

Of course, nothing beats enjoying Japanese food in Japan, but finding the money and time to travel the world isn’t always easy, so when you’re not travelling the world, you can still enjoy the creations of countries like Japan at home thanks to the Japan Centre and astonishing Sparkling Wine producer, Lumiére.

Japanese Sparkling Wine – Lumiére

Lumiere is a Japanese Sparkling Wine producer, located some 110 km west of Tokyo. The winery was Founded by Tokugi Furiya in 1885, this winery is currently being run by its 5th generation of winemakers, Shigeki Kida.  All their grapes are carefully picked by hand and their Sparkling Wines are made using the traditional method.

Lumiére displays an enhanced quality and unique skill for making Sparkling Wines, taking home many trophies and medals over years.

Lumiére – Delaware 2019 

Tasting Notes

Aroma“Lovely display of Mango, Pineapple, melon, peach, dried honey, and lovely golden fruits to finish off the aroma on this Japanese Sparkling Wine.”

Flavour  – “The Sparkling Wine has a more tropical zestiness to it, with dried tropical fruits, mango, Pineapple, with melon, and a touch of honey and golden fruits, a worthy Tropical Burst Sparkling Wine.”

Silver Tropical Burst at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Japan Centre

The Japan Centre was launched in 1976 by Tak Tokumine, it offers over 3,500 Japanese food and lifestyle goods from over 150 premium and authentic Japanese brands.

The kind of products found in the Japan Centre or their online store ranges from famous brands like Kewpie, Kikkoman, Geikkakan and Calbee to niche and specialist products that are otherwise only found in Japan.

Japan Centre has built its way up to the largest Japanese food market in Europe, but if you don’t live close by, then their new website is perfectly set up to provide you with authentic Japanese Cushine right to your door. From the likes of meats, fish, noodles, rice, seasonings, sauces, biscuits, cookies, snacks, sweets, drinks and much more.

Japan Centre also offers a wonderful selection of Sake Rice Wines, carefully curated by Japan Centre’s in-house sake sommelier. with over 80 different bottles to choose from, you can enjoy an everyday bottle of Sake up to the high-end and more complex Sake.

The Food Pairings


Miso Soup & Lumiére Pairing 

“The Sparkling Wine comes in with its zesty tropical character, placing the soup in the background with its savoury mushroom characters, overall the Sparkling Wine comes out a bit ahead of this Pairing.”

Noodles & Lumiére Pairing 

“The noodles are hit with a tropical zestiness, that lights up the tongue with new flavours, they blend together in a unique way that will delight some but will have others enjoying them both separately.”

Ramen & Lumiére Pairing

The Sparkling Wine looks on from the amazing display of ramen and artificial pork flavours, delivering only a delicate touch of zesty tropical notes, including mango and Pineapple.”

Golden Curry Chicken & Lumiére Pairing

“The Perfect combination, we’ve been looking and it’s been found, the sparkling wine comes through with a zesty tropical burst, then blends nicely with the golden curry, savoury chicken and filling noodles, the combination allows you to experience the best of the curry chicken and notes of the Tropical character of the Sparkling Wine.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.