Why Add Bubbles to your Bath!

28th June 2017


Bathing in Champagne can improve your chances on your first date, as per leading Millionaire Matchmaking expert Lisa Palmer, who looks after the love lives of the rich and famous.

Just who doesn’t love to have bubbles in their bath, though we are not talking about soapy ones this time – We are taking a look at those from a bottle of Champagne!

There has long been a tradition of enjoying a glass of bubbly in the bath, but what about bathing in Champagne? Well, it is not uncommon, we’ve seen Marilyn Monroe to Beyoncé bath in Champagne, so just what exactly is the attraction?

Many would say it is just showing off, some will vouch for it being just a novelty or spur of the moment thing (nice if you have the budgets to fill your bath tub with Champagne) and others will have a more romantic reason.
Champagne has for a very long time mixed very closely with romance and certainly been seen as a favoured drink of fine ladies from the mistress of King Louis XV of France, Madame de Pompadour, to the much loved and adored Marilyn Monroe.

Champagne can also express itself like a beautiful lady in how it reaches out to you with its bouquet and flavours just like a confident lady would try to impress with her perfume, how those professional wine tasting notes can be described as delicate, bubbly, silky and full bodied.

“I have once described a rosé Champagne as refreshing and floral as a beautiful red haired lady skiing on fresh snow” Christopher Walkey.

Champagne has health benefits I am delighted to say in that it is made mostly from red grapes which past advisors have said is good for the heart and also that it detoxifies your skin with antioxidants and lightening tartaric acid helps even out the skin tone.

What about Champagne for romance though? This is where the mighty word of Aphrodisiac comes in to play so attention please all those about to go on their first date! Not only does Champagne have that luxury and aspirational attraction, but it also holds the allure to enable a lady to attract the attention of that man on her date. It is quoted by the late Dr. Max Lake that the scents of dry Champagne can replicate the delicate aromas of female pheromones.

“Champagne, Prosecco and English bubbly as perfume I put to you which you may say is crazy idea, but let us not forget that the quality of wines is decided by their aromas and taste with descriptive words such as rose petals, vanilla and summer berry fruits frequently quoted so we are already not far away from describing actual perfumes!”

“The fragrance on the skin was amazing, the most attention grabbing red rose petals and summer strawberries that shined over any alcohol or bitter scents. I am also told by Christopher that Champagne is known for being good for the skin so what better way to prepare for your first date than by a glass of bubbly and a splash on your skin too.
On your first date you need to be grabbing the attention of partner, something different to get you noticed and remembered and if your perfume is liked and mentioned then is sounds very seductive of you to say that you use Champagne.”

“I recognise the aromas of Champagne compared to other sparkling wines so Champagne perfume I would certainly be attracted by, the rosé Champagne is usually very expressive with floral and fruit notes so it was likely that it shone out on the day and will undoubtedly be a very innovative scent for a lady to wear.”

Written by Lisa Palmerwww.mogulmatchmakers.co.uk

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