Michael Edwards

Deutz Resurgent

By Michael Edwards / 16th August 2019

One of the true great family firms in Champagne from its birth in Ay (1838) until 1990, Deutz fell victim to the effects of the ensuing first Gulf War that triggered acute world recession, compounded by disagreements among family shareholders. So, Head of House André Lallier-Deutz had to consider selling up; he, fortunately, found a…

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Champagne Krug by Michael Edwards

Champagne Krug: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by Michael Edwards

By Michael Edwards / 10th July 2019

In thumbing through my book The Finest Wines of Champagne (Prix Roederer) 10 years after its publication in 2009, how does it shape up? One American critic sweetly writes that FWC has aged well. That was my aim, to sketch the philosophy and outlook of my 90 favourite Champagne producers, better to understand why in…

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