Bottega 0 – Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

16th March 2021

Bottega Zero Rose

Bottega 0 is a new non-alcoholic sparkling drink, which is produced by the homonymous winery in Bibano di Godega (TV). It originates from selected grape must and was created with the aim of meeting the needs of those who, for health or religious reasons, do not consume alcoholic beverages. It is also appreciated by those who appreciate wine but take a cautious approach to alcohol consumption.

Bottega 0 evokes the great tradition of sparkling wines, of which it is an original non-alcoholic evolution. It lends itself to well-established ways of consumption and to celebrating the ritual of the toast, thanks to the timeless charm of the bubbles. The skilful dosage of carbon dioxide gives the drink freshness, liveliness and character, despite its zero alcohol content.

It is a rosé drink, which recalls the indissoluble bond with the world of wine, and which will soon be available also in a white version.

Bottega 0 is the result of the research and passion of Bottega’s winemakers, who have embraced the challenge of innovation to offer the market a new product with a potential that has yet to be explored.
During the harvest, the bunches of grapes are picked in the appropriate areas when analyses show a good balance between sugars and acidity. The grapes are then destemmed and softly pressed. This produces a must that is stored in refrigerated tanks to prevent alcoholic fermentation from starting. After the addition of carbon dioxide, the product is filtered and bottled.

Bottega 0 should be consumed cold at a temperature of 4/5° C. Ideal at any time of day, it is an excellent ingredient for the preparation of cocktails, especially fruit-based ones. It goes perfectly with cheese, especially fresh cheeses made from goat’s and sheep’s milk, with pastries, tarts and fruit.

Bottega 0 can be found at Harvey Nichols for £9.50.

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