Carynx Luxury Champagne Coolers

3rd May 2017


When it comes to fine wines we do see a fair amount of focus placed on serving suggestions from glassware to food compliments, decanters to ideal temperatures and rightly so many wine professionals would say as would the wine makers themselves. Fine wines can be classed as a fine art, the beauty that each bottle holds within is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, sometimes expressing different characters and a single bottle can entice totally different tastes and experiences between people as would an outstanding piece of art conjure up different feelings and meanings when admired.

The Carynx series, luxury Champagne coolers, can only be fully admired upon seeing them for real, just like that fine wine needs to be tasted and only then can one really appreciate it’s beauty and unrivalled appeal. This series, by creative lead and founder of Carynx Sunil Devalia, truly exhibits a unique quality and delicate / detailed workmanship that makes them a wine lovers dream compliment, having seen them for real the urge was just so intense to find a fine bottle of Champagne to chill within one.

“My designs for Carynx reflect my experiences and inspirations from the natural world and my interest in the Iron Age. My first collection focuses on majestic stags which were an integral part of Celtic mythology.” Sunil Devalia

The Highland stag is Sunil’s first collection of Champagne coolers with ‘The Majestic Stag’, ‘The Noble Stag’ and ‘The Regal Stag’. Each one focusing on craftsmanship, materials and detail making them undoubtedly a centrepiece and attention grabbing compliment to any Champagne / Sparkling Wine drinking event.

Glass of Bubbly are pleased to announce that the impressive ‘Regal Stag’ will be the main World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly prize trophy to be held with each years winner – Our thanks to Carynx and Sunil for their kind donation and sponsorship for what will be Champagne & Sparkling Wine’s most famous and desirable trophy!


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