Champagne A.R Lenoble Cuvée Intense

7th March 2015

Champagne A.R Lenoble Cuvée Intense

A.R Lenoble’s range of wines illustrates the full richness and diversity the Champagne region has to offer.

The Cuvée Intense is part of the ‘Classiques’ collection, made from extremely harmonious blends. Fruity and well-balanced, they are the perfect companion to any pleasure shared.

Cuvée Intense is a blend of the 3 grapes of Champagne: Chardonnay from Chouilly Grand Cru, Pinot Noir from Bisseuil Premier Cru and Pinot Meunier from Damery.

Well balanced and fruity, it is a very classical wine. Thanks to the large proportion of reserve wines going into the blend and long cellar ageing, the dosage is kept to the minimum.

A deep, brilliant golden colour, clear and radiant. The foam is dense, light and harmonious, with many columns of fine bubbles ascending quickly in the glass.

The first sensation on the nose is mild and rounded, leading into hints of white fruit (apple and pear), citrus (lemon and grapefruit) and dried fruit. ON THE PALATE The attack is as mild, smooth and fresh as you could wish, providing the perfect reflection of the bouquet. The stewed fruit flavours are intense and the reserve wines offer a lovely full impression. Long-lasting flavours finishing on a fruity, mineral note with a hint of citrus.

This fruity, well-balanced Champagne is ideal for all those pleasurable moments with your family or friends. A wine for sharing that will go well with romantic dinners for two or large festive meals.

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