Champagne can Improve your Love Life… Yes it really can!

15th July 2016

Champagne can Improve your Love Life... Yes it really can!

Your mind will run wild I’m sure with thoughts on what would improve on your love life, some things most obvious and other tips and tricks so very unique and clever, but how does Champagne fair when it comes to moving that love dial upwards?

I usually lightly joke when people ask me what benefits to your health and your love life Champagne can offer. I suppose many of us would have read over recent years the news that a few glasses of bubbly a week can help improve your memory and I usually say this is the single most important part of how it improves your existing love life and your chances of finding new love. What do I mean by this you ask? Well, if like me you have a poor memory and especially for names, it can well save you a relationship of two having a Champagne fuelled memory to prevent those times you call your partner by another name or meet up with someone new and you get that name blocking moment which doesn’t get things off to the perfect start… Drink more Champagne, so not to be introduced to someone and seconds later, you can’t remember her/his name!

  • As we said, Champagne is said to improve your memory, so never be stuck again remembering that special person’s name!
  • Been invited to a friends party and want to make the right impression? Then you must be the person that doesn’t turn up with the six pack of lager and instead opt for that bottle or magnum of Champagne, yes it may set you back a few extra pounds (that is pounds in money and not in weight), but it will be worth it as eyes will light up, you’ll be best pals with everyone and you also get to pop or choose who pops that bubbly and you can even give it that celebration spray, great social media photo opportunities eh… ? Leastways, it’s certainly better than pulling that ring on the next can of lager.
  • First impressions on that first date. “Would you like to meet up for a glass of Champagne somewhere?” Now that is a chat up line that many will be unable to resist. Champagne and romance are well known to be close friends, so mixing the two, especially on that first date really does get things off to the perfect start… But be warned, once you start things off with Champagne then it is very much down hill from there so to maintain your chances you may need to maintain the flow of Champagne!
  • We are nearly all guilty of never having enough time and being full of excuses, time seems to fly by we commonly say and how can I fit anything more into my already busy life of work and family… But sometimes, even just once a month, that romantic break away from it all with a bottle of Champagne can just be what a relationship needs to remind itself of what living a life together is all about. Even if you haven’t time to go out and chose that bottle of bubbly each month there are many online companies that you can order Champagne online with who send out that special bottle monthly so you do not have to and each month you’ll get something new and exciting to experience. Now you mix that with a plate of oysters and maybe some special chocolates then oh la, la… !
  • Champagne being popped open is one of the best and most recognised sounds in the world. It makes everyone feel excited and will most certainly excite that partner you are looking to impress!
  • Even our well respected wine experts and TV shows will share with viewers that the grapes in Champagne can increase romance possibilities. Our dear Oz Clarke and his side kick James May during their series ‘Oz and James’ Wine Adventure‘ shared that Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noir Champagne causes nipple erections and horn!


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.