Champagne Castelnau Limited Edition Vintage Magnums for Christmas

4th December 2018


Champagne Castelnau is shining a light on its Oenothèque Collection of limited edition magnums of vintages 1995, 1996 and 1998, which it has released for the first time in striking new livery in the run-up to Christmas.

The magnums, newly dressed in a variation on Champagne Castelnau’s contemporary packaging, form part of their wine library of exceptional vintages which is home to over 50 years of historical wines made by their award winning winemaking team, headed by Chef de Cave Elisabeth Sarcelet.

Champagne Castelnau vintage Champagnes are left on their lees for a minimum of 12 years as part of the ageing process to create the generous, yet fresh and balanced signature style of the house. Magnums further benefit the ageing process as the ratio of wine to surface area means maturation is slower and more even, resulting in more complexity, structure and freshness.

Fernando Guimarey, qualified Sommelier and On-Trade Sales Manager at Castelnau Wine Agencies comments:

“Magnums are the ideal format for enjoying these wonderful vintage Champagnes which are now more than 20 years old. We are delighted to have been allocated a limited number for sale in the UK as the festive season gets under way. They are the ideal option for larger parties, and many restaurants even offer Champagne by the glass from magnum, giving people the chance to taste Champagne at its best whilst also adding theatre to the experience.”

Glass of Bubbly

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